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Our Mission

Fortius Sport & Health is an integrated athlete development centre strengthened through philanthropy and focused on optimizing human performance for life.

Success Stories

​​​​​​​This collection of success stories presents first-hand stories from our clients. Some faced health issues, others injury challenges, but all of them had one thing in common: they were motivated to reach a goal. With the help of Fortius they were able to regain their health, return-to-play and ​achieve their goals. Here are their stories...

Gavin Schmitt

​Gavin Schmitt, a top level professional & international men's indoor volleyball player for Volleyball Canada and Team Canada / Équipe Canada, came to Fortius to rehabilitate from an injury. We were able to form an integrated team around Gavin's treatment including physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, strength & conditioning departments, and our lab for physiological and performance testing services. WATCH his incredible come back story now!​ Click here.

Angela Stewart - Overcoming chronic back pain

Returning from a back injury can be extraordinarily challenging mentally, physically, and emotionally. Our client Angela, a  VPD officer,  pushed through it all and wants to share her story of how getting treatment at Fortius led to a new life of better health and, most importantly, happiness. Watch her story here​.

Matthew Gerwing - I want to be a Firefighter

​​Matthew Gerwing`s life goal is to become a firefighter. That`s not an easy task, but Matt is determined to do whatever it takes to achieve that dream. He  continuously works on improving his weaknesses, keeps  up his strengths, and prepares himself to be the best candidate that he can be. Watch his inspiring story here​ and find out how Fortius supported him in his journey​.

Philip Bester - maintainin​g A high level of Performance

For any athlete it is very important to pay attention to  recovery. ​ Canadian professional tennis player Philip Bester talks about his experience​ and how our practitioners help him to be his best on the court.  Watch his video here​.

Dylan Armstrong - Preparing for Rio 2016

How do athletes prepare for the Olympic Games?​ Although most Olympians are born with physical advantages that help them reach world-class performance, these athletes still devote huge amounts of time to training and preparation​.  Dylan Armstrong, Canadian shot putter, took advantage of our "all under one roof" facility in order to get ready for Rio 2016. Watch his video here​.

Janet - Fuelling issues

Janet, a 50 year old recreational trail runner, had a goal to complete a 3-day TransRockies race in Colorado.  She learned that her food choices significantly affected her ​performance and that Fortius services were for athletes of all skill levels and ages.  Here​​ is Janet`s story. ​

Nikola - concussion

You have had a concussion and you are asking yourself: What do I do about it? Well, your brain is injured, but it can recover. Seek proper treatment and give your brain a break while it's healing. That`s exactly what our client Nikola did. Watch her story here​. ​

Andy White - Improving his performance

​​​​​North Vancouver javelin thrower​ Andy White​ came to Fortius to improve his athletic skills and gain a competitive edge​​ over his competition.  His results are pretty amazing.​ Click here to watch his story.​​

Firefighter Sean - ACL injury

​A torn ACL no longer means the end of the world and returning to work or your chosen sport or activity is usually your number goal after surgery. Need proof? Check out this video​ about Burnaby firefighter Sean who suffered the dreaded injury but returned to work stronger than ever.

Natasha - Hamstring injury

A hamstring injury almost ended Natasha`s fencing career. Luckily she didn`t throw in the towel. Click here​ to read about her incredible comeback.  ​

Connie - bilateral Knee replacement

​​Normally, all components of our knees work in harmony and allow us to perform everyday activities. But disease or injury can disrupt this harmony, resulting in pain, muscle weakness, and reduced function. Click here to learn about Connie`s struggle, how she went through it, and eventually came out the other side. ​

Britt - Hamstring Pain

Britt's hamstring pain and reduced athletic activity was taking a significant toll on her-physically and mentally. Her experience at Fortius brought back the active Britt. Click Here.pdf to read about Britt's story.

Cathy - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

​​ Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the palm of the hand, becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist.​ Cathy has been struggling with it  for years, but Registered Massage Therapist Vincent Lam was able to help her. Click here​ to watch Cathy`s story.​

Ella Masar - Hernia

​Dealing with an injury isn`t easy and can be emotionally and mentally draining. But the good news is that the injury will heal up and that our Fortius team supports an athlete in the best possible way. Click here​ to watch  ​American soccer forward Ella Masar`s incredible comeback story.  

David - medial meniscal tear

​David`s injury almost ended his life-long running career, but Dr. Jack Taunton didn`t let it happen. Read what happened here​. 

Logan - Intoeing​

​Logan loves playing baseball and Logan has a dream, a big dream  - to one day maybe play in the MLB. Hence, his goal was to do whatever was necessary to solve the problem: Intoeing which is commonly referred to as being "pigeon-toed."​.​ Read his inspiring story here. ​

KELLY - Sciatica

Have you had sciatica? Sciatica is that pesky and sometimes excruciating pain down the leg that indicates there's a problem in your spine. If you suffer or have suffered with sciatic nerve pain, you know how frustrating it can be. Read here​ how our client Kelly dealt with and overcame her sciatica. 

Jason Bourne - Plantar Fasciitis ​

​Plantar fasciitis (also known as  jogger's heel) is a common painful disorder affecting the heel and underside of the foot and is often caused by overuse. Click here​ to watch Jason`s story and learn about his rehabilitaton plan. ​

Jon Martin - Breathing issue

​Any injuries that cause less than optimal performance can seriously affect an athletes`s chance of progressing to the next level. Jon Martin only knows this too well.​ Find out here how he was able to attend the Vancouver Canucks Prospect Camp after experiencing difficulty breathing. 

Derek Rundell - Ankle injury

Derek has been challenged by a series of injuries and is very motivated to look after his body. Read his inspiring story here​.

Sean Pettit - ankle injury​

Sean is one of the best free ski athletes in the world, but was being sidelined with an injury for the 2013-14 winter. He came to Fortius and worked intensively with Damien Moroney, who is a Physical Therapist and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, in order to heal.​ Click here​ to watch his story. 

Becky - (Multiple) ConcussionS

​​Be􀀐cky suffer􀀌ed a 􀀐conc􀀐ussion w􀀎hile r􀀌ecr􀀐􀀌eational skiing and was experiencing severe headaches associated with eye strain​. Thanks to Dr. Kevin Loopeker, she did meet her goals of returning to school, completing her homework symptom-free, and she continues to play for her university team.​ Here is her story.​

Chandler - Menstruation issues

When menstruation stops for longer than about 90 days in the absence of pregnancy or breastfeeding, a medical evaluation should occur, as a number of health problems can result in absent menstruation and our client Chandler was worried that she would have to end her sport career due to these issues. Fortunately, she came to Fortius for a second opinion.​ Read her story here​.

Josh & Jordan - Training for soccer season​

Fortius is for everyone and this story proves it. Congratulations to youth athletes Josh & Jordan on completing a successful soccer season.​ Read their story here.

Darcy​ - Knee pain​

Ongoing knee pain with limited functional improvement and multiple surgeries can be enormously frustrating. Luckily, Darcy overcame all of these obstacles. Here​ is her story.​

Doug Blessin - contrast vision

Paralympic Targetshooter Doug Blessin has quickly risen in the ranks thanks to his talent, hard work and the guidance of his coach and teammate Chris Trifonidis. In addition, the Fortius Sport Vision and Nutrition team helped him to improve his contrast vision.​ Read his story here.

Chad Wren - Shoulder injury

You wouldn`t necessarily think that a lactate threshold test is something you`d do when you have a shoulder injury, right? However, it does make sense. During your rehab process, the test helps to determine your fitness level and shows the effectiveness of your training.​ Watch Chad`s video here​.

Chris - Achilles rupture

Have you ever experienced an Achilles tendon injury? Firefighter Chris was lucky enough that a team of experts took really good care of him.​ Read his story here.

Mitch Watt - Chronic pain in ankles

Mitchell Watt, an Australian track & field athlete, had years of chronic pain in both his ankles and Achilles. After surgery he chose Fortius to do his post surgical rehab. Here​ is his story.​​​

BUrnaby Fire DEpartment - Health optimization program

​​The Burnaby Fire Health & Wellness Program is a great example of what Fortius Sport & Health can provide. We have worked with the Burnaby Fire department to identify goals and needs, and have structured a program to best suit and address these. Watch Burnaby, British Columbia Fire Chief Doug McDonald talk about his experience.​ Watch video here.

Tyler Wotherspoon - Shoulder injury

Tyler Wotherspoon, Calgary Flames Defenceman, shares his Fortius experience. Watch him talk about his recovery process and what he has to say about the practitioners he worked with. Watch video here​.

Toronto Raptors Community Basketball Clinic

​It is so rewarding to make children happy. Read all about what happened when we hosted The Toronto Raptors community clinics. Read it here. ​

Emma - Return-to-play

Emma came to Fortius to improve her conditioning and was also introduced to the Return-to-Play program. Read her story here

Trevor - Concussion

​​Anyone, who sustains a concussion, has the same goal: Return-to-play in a safe manner. How can one do this? Here is the story of 11-year-old soccer player Trevor.​ Read it here​.