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Our Mission

Fortius Sport & Health is an integrated athlete development centre strengthened through philanthropy and focused on optimizing human performance for life.


​​​​​​​We're proud that Fortius Sport & Health has attracted some of the leading names in sport and exercise medicine, working together as a fully integrated practitioner team. Our Fortius team works in tandem with our senior leadership and management to ensure integration, collaboration and innovation on multiple fronts.

 Our Team



Dr. Gerry Ramogida<p>​​​A practitioner within the Fortius Institute and Chiropractor for Fortius Sport & Health, Dr. Gerry Ramogida is an internationally recognized chiropractor and performance therapist. He has served on many Canadian national teams and across a wide range of sports from football, soccer, ice hockey and athletics. <span style="line-height:25.2px;">Moreover, he </span><span style="line-height:25.2px;">has </span><span style="line-height:25.2px;">the privilege of working </span><span style="line-height:25.2px;">for the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team ​​. </span>​Dr. Ramogida has been a chiropractic consultant with the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL since 2002. He was also brought on by the UK Athletics team as “their Lead” Performance Therapist for the 2012 London Olympics where they won six medals including four gold medals. He has been a practicing chiropractor since 1997 and has worked with dozens of high-profile professional and Olympic athletes. His research interests include how manual therapy influences performance and motor learning, particularly as it relates to the teaching and acquisition of sprint technique and speed development.  </p><div><br> </div><h2>Education</h2><ul><li><p>Bachelor of Science, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.</p></li><li><p>Doctor of Chiropractic (summa cum laude), Western States Chiropractic College, Portland, Oregon</p></li></ul><h2>Roots</h2><ul><li><p>BC High School Football</p></li><li><p>BC Lions Development Camp, BC Senior Bowl.</p></li><li><p>BC Youth Soccer</p></li></ul><h2>Client CV</h2><div><ul><li><p>Seattle Seahawks, NFL</p></li><li><p>BC Lions, CFL</p></li><li><p>NHLPA</p></li><li><p>UK Athletics</p></li><li><p>Athletics Canada</p></li><li><p>USA Woman’s Hockey</p></li><li><p>Symetrics Professional Cycling Team</p></li><li><p>BC Karate National Championship Team</p></li><li><p>Canadian Women’s Soccer Team ​<br></p></li></ul></div><h2>Professional Highlights</h2><ul><li><p>Performance Therapist with UK Athletics – London 2012 Olympics.</p></li><li><p>Chiropractic Consultant to Athletics Canada – Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 Olympics.</p></li><li><p>Consultant with Seattle Seahawks (NFL) since 2002</p></li><li><p>Consultant to Bolton Wanderers FC - UK</p></li><li><p>Chiropractor for Fortius Sport & Health</p></li></ul><h2>Research Interests</h2><ul><li><p>Influence of manual therapy on skill acquisition in sprint mechanics.</p></li><li><p>Influence of manual therapy on injury frequency.</p></li><li><p>Influence of manual therapy on ground contact times/force production in sprinting.</p></li></ul><h2>Professional Affiliations</h2><ul><li><p>Canadian Chiropractic Association</p></li><li><p>College of Chiropractors of BC</p></li><li><p>BC Chiropractic Association</p></li><li><p>General Chiropractic Council (UK)</p></li><li><p>FICS (International Federation of Sports Chiropractic)</p></li><li><p>Resident of the Canadian Chiropractic Sports SciencEs Fellowship Program.</p></li></ul>
Dr. Erik Yuill<p>​​​​​​Dr. Erik Yuill joins the Fortius Institute from practicing as a Sports Specialist Chiropractor in Toronto since 2009 after graduating at the top of his class. Erik specializes in working with athletes of all skill levels and ages.  He is the former the team chiropractor for the York Region Shooters in the Canadian Soccer League and the Mississauga Chargers in the Ontario Junior A Hockey League.  As an athlete himself Erik enjoys running, rock climbing, and ultimate frisbee.  His passion however remains with swimming, where he enjoyed great success as a competitive swimmer competing at the national level while in high school and university.  </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><h2>Education</h2><ul><li><p>Sport Sciences Residency, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College</p></li><li><p>Degree in Chiropractic, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College</p></li><li><p>Masters of Neurophysiology, Queens University</p></li><li><p>Bachelor of Biology (Honours), Queens University</p></li><li><p>Bachelor of Physical and Health Education (Honours), Queens University</p></li></ul><h2>Roots</h2><ul><li><p>2010 Ontario Championships medalist (1 Gold, 2 Silver), in Masters swimming</p></li><li><p>2009 Canadian Championships medalist (2 Gold, 4 Silver), in Masters swimming</p></li><li><p>In 2008 set Canadian Masters record in men 4x200 freestyle relay, swimming</p></li><li><p>Varsity swimmer and water polo player at Queen's University</p></li><li><p>Recreational downhill and cross-country skier</p></li><li><p>Recreational ultimate frisbee player</p></li></ul><h2>Client CV</h2><ul><li><p>York Region Shooters, Canadian Soccer League</p></li><li><p>Mississauga Chargers, Ontario Junior A Hockey League</p></li><li><p>Queens University, Swim Team</p></li></ul><h2>Professional Highlights</h2><ul><li><p>Chiropractor, Fortius Sport & Health</p></li><li><p>Orthopedics and Clinical Education instructor at CMCC</p></li><li><p>Head Coach of the Queens University Swim Team</p></li></ul><h2>Research Interests</h2><ul><li><p>Sport Hernias</p></li><li><p>Hip Labrum Tears</p></li></ul><h2>Professional Affiliations</h2><ul><li><p>Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences</p></li><li><p>Canadian Chiropractic Association</p></li><li><p>British Columbia Chiropractic Association</p></li><li><p>College of Chiropractors of British Columbia </p></li></ul><h2>Educational Events</h2><div><span style="line-height:25.2000007629395px;"><a href="">Swimming Biomechanics & Shoulder Injuries​</a> | Video | Duration 1:03:26min | ​October 22nd, 2014</span></div><div><span style="line-height:25.2000007629395px;"><br></span></div><div><span style="line-height:25.2000007629395px;">Description: </span><div></div><div>Swimming is a sport that requires optimal shoulder mobility and strength in order to compete, train, and perform at an elite level. This talk focuses on the biomechanical demands of swimming as it relates to the shoulder. It examines how these demands influence to the shoulder anatomy to cause injury. </div></div>
Dr. D’arcey Musselman’arcey-Musselman-.aspx<p>​​​​​​​​​​Dr. D'arcey Musselman joins the Fortius Institute team from a variety of sport environments in both BC and Ontario. She has worked on numerous multidisciplinary teams at sporting events including Ford Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. She enjoys working with patients of all athletic backgrounds and ages. D'arcey emphasizes a holistic and balanced approach to injury prevention, injury management and life-sport guidance to help athletes achieve optimal performances.</p><p> </p><p><strong><br></strong></p><h2><br></h2><h2>Education</h2><ul><li><p>Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner, FICS<br></p></li><li><p>Doctor of Chiropractic, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College<br></p></li><li><p>Master of Arts (Sport Psychology), University of Victoria<br></p></li><li><p>Graduate Diploma of Education, University of Western Australia<br></p></li><li><p>Bachelor of Physical and Health Education, University of Toronto<br></p></li></ul><p> </p><h2>Roots</h2><ul><li><p>CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance <br></p></li><li><p>Triathlon<br></p></li><li><p>Running<br></p></li><li><p>Skiing and snowboarding<br></p></li><li><p>Swimming and triathlon coach<br></p></li><li><p>Former Canadian National Swim Team member<br></p></li></ul><p> </p><h2>Client CV</h2><ul><li><p>CrossFit athletes<br></p></li><li><p>Georgian Bay Phoenix Gymnastics & Acro<br></p></li><li><p>High performance competitive swimmers<br></p></li><li><p>Recreational and professional runners and triathletes<br></p></li><li><p>Competitive Alpine skiers<br></p></li><li><p>Former NHL players<br></p></li></ul><p> </p><h2>Professional Highlights</h2><ul><li><p>Chiropractor, Fortius Sport & Health<br></p></li><li><p>Chiropractor, CrossFit Indestri<br></p></li><li><p>ART provider at Ironman Triathlons<br></p></li><li><p>Team BC Medical Manager<br></p></li><li><p>Performance Manager, SportMedBC<br></p></li></ul><p> </p><h2>Research​ Interests</h2><ul><li><p>Injury screening and prevention<br></p></li><li><p>Development and injury prevention of young athletes<br></p></li><li><p>Psychological aspects of sports injury<br></p></li></ul><p> </p><h2>Professional Affiliations</h2><ul><li><p>Canadian Chiropractic Association<br></p></li><li><p>BC Chiropractic Associatio​​​​​n<br></p></li><li><p>College of Chiropractors of BC<br></p></li><li><p>International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS)<br></p></li></ul><p> </p><p> </p><p>​ </p>
Dr. Soroush Khoshroo<p>​​​​​As part of the integrated practitioner team at Fortius Sport & Health, Dr. Soroush Khoshroo brings many years of experience​ as a chiropractor to Fortius.​  Dr. Khoshroo is a chiropractor, certified Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) practitioner, and Graston Technique provider. He specializes in sports injuries, Kinesio taping, rehab exercises, whiplash injuries, and pregnancy pain.​ He is also the treating chiropractor for the UBC men’s varsity soccer team. Dr. Khoshroo’s goal is to promote a pain free and healthy lifestyle through an ACTIVE-LIVING wellness model. </p><p>Dr. Khoshroo attended University of British Columbia and obtained his Bachelor of Science in Cell Biology and Genetics. He continued his studies at UBC under a second bachelor degree in Kinesiology. During this time his growing love and interest in manual therapy inspired him to attend the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon for four years to obtain his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree.</p><p>Having played university level soccer and competitive level tennis, as well as being a tennis coach, he is well aware of the many acute and chronic injuries associated with different sports and activities. He has treated many professional and elite amateur athletes at international, national, and university levels.​</p><p><br></p><h2>Education</h2><ul style="line-height:normal;"><li><p><span style="line-height:25.2px;">Bachelor of Science in Cell Biology and Genetics</span>, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.</p></li><li><p>Doctor of Chiropractic, University of Western States​, Portland, Oregon</p></li></ul><h2>Roots</h2><p></p><ul><li><p>BC high school soccer, basketball, tennis<br></p></li><li><p>Provincial level tennis player - BC Junior Championships<br></p></li><li><p>Men's open tennis and Canadian ITF tennis player<br></p></li><li><p>UBC men's varsity soccer player<br></p></li><li><p>Division 1 VMSL and BMSL soccer player<br></p></li><li><p>Tennis BC player and coach<br></p></li></ul><h2>Client CV</h2><div><ul><li><p>2015 Pan American Games – Toronto</p></li><li><p>UBC men’s varsity soccer team</p></li><li><p>Capilano University women’s soccer team</p></li><li><p>Stanley Park Open & Canadian ITF Championships Tennis Tournaments</p></li><li><p>BC Honda Open Professional Squash Tournament</p></li><li><p>Canadian Mountain Running Team</p></li><li><p>IRONMAN Triathlon – Penticton</p></li><li><p>Seaside World Amateur Volleyball Tournament – Oregon</p></li><li><p>BMO Vancouver Marathon</p></li><li><p>BC Summer Games</p></li><li><p>Vancouver International Soccer Festival</p></li><li><p>Tennis coach – Tennis BC​</p></li></ul></div><h2>Professional Highlights</h2><p></p><ul><li><p>Chiropractor at Fortius Sport & Health<br></p></li><li><p>Chiropractor at Ocean Wellness Clinic - North Vancouver<br></p></li><li><p>Chiropractor at Langley Sports Medicine Clinic<br></p></li><li><p>Treating doctor at the Pan American games - Toronto 2015<br></p></li><li><p>UBC men's varsity soccer team chiropractor<br></p></li><li><p>Tennis BC coach<br></p></li><li><p>Lead doctor & advisor at Vancouver International Soccer Festival (VISF)<br></p></li><li><p>ART provider at Ironman triathlon​​<br></p></li></ul><h2>Research Interests</h2><p></p><ul><li><p>Rotator cuff injuries in tennis players and effects on performance<br></p></li><li><p>Core activation and its association in tennis performance<br></p></li><li><p>Hip labrum tears in soccer players<br></p></li><li><p>Osteitis pubis associated with soccer players<br></p></li><li><p>Ankle sprains/strains and gait biomechanics​<br></p></li></ul><h2>Professional Affiliations</h2><p></p><ul><li><p>Canadian Chiropractic Association<br></p></li><li><p>BC Chiropractic Association<br></p></li><li><p>College of Chiropractors of BC​<br></p></li></ul><p><br></p><p><br></p>
Dr. Duriell Bernard<p>​​​Dr. Duriell Bernard is a chiropractor and former national level athlete who understands the importance of functional movement, and its absolute role in daily living. Dr. Bernard takes an evidence based, functional and rehabilitative approach to therapy, utilizing a wide variety of soft tissue therapies (myofascial cupping, ART and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy - also known as Graston Technique), exercise based therapies, and electro-modalities to achieve optimum results. Dr. Bernard emphasizes movement based rehabilitation, combining essential movement patterns with daily occupational and sport based movement requirements. Dr. Bernard has extensive experience working with track and field athletes and has represented Canada as a medical practitioner at a variety of international competitions.</p><h2><br></h2><h2><br>Education</h2><p></p><ul><li><p>Degree in Chiropractic, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College<br></p></li><li><p>Specialty Honours B.A Kinesiology and Health Science, York University, Toronto, ON<br></p></li></ul><p></p><p></p><h2 dir="ltr" style="text-align:left;"><br>Roots</h2><p></p><p></p><ul><li><p>Strength & Conditioning Coach - Strength & Power<br></p></li><li><p>Olympic Lifting Coach<br></p></li><li><p>Varsity Track & Field Athlete, York University (National Level Hurdler)<br></p></li><li><p>Provincial Level Basketball - Ontario Basketball Association</p></li></ul><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p><br></p><h2>Client CV</h2><p></p><p></p><ul><li><p>Steel Machine's: Strength & Power for Sport<br></p></li><li><p>Athletics Canada<br></p></li><li><p>Canadian Paralympic Committee<br></p></li><li><p>Commonwealth Games Canada<br></p></li><li><p>Toronto Pan American Games<br></p></li><li><p>Canadian Sports Institutes - Ontario, Pacific<br></p></li><li><p>UBC - Track & Field<br></p></li><li><p>SFU - Track & Field<br></p></li></ul><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p><br></p><h2>Professional Highlights</h2><p></p><p></p><ul><li><p>2009 - 2012 - Training Staff. Steel Machines Strength & Power for Sport & NHLPA<br></p></li><li><p>2012-2014 -  Integrated Support Team (IST) Medical Lead - Athletics Canada East Hub<br></p></li><li><p>2013 IAAF IST Medical Staff - Athletics Canada. IAAF World Track & Field Championships Moscow,<br></p></li><li><p>2014 - IAAF IST Medical Staff - Athletics Canada. IAAF World Indoor Track & Field Championships, Sopot Poland<br></p></li><li><p>2014 - IST Medical Staff - Athletics Canada. IAAF World Relay Track & Field Championships, Bahamas<br></p></li><li><p>2014 - IST Medical Staff - Athletics Canada. Commonwealth Games, Glasgow Scotland<br></p></li><li><p>2015 - Medical Lead Practitioner - Athletics. Toronto Pan American Games, Toronto<br></p></li><li><p>2016 - IST Medical Staff - World Rugby 7's - Fijian Team. Vancouver<br></p></li><li><p>2016 - IST Medical Staff - Athletics Canada. 2016 Paralympic Games, Rio de Janeiro<br></p></li></ul><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p><br></p><h2>Professional Affiliations</h2><p></p><p></p><ul><li><p>Canadian Chiropractic Association<br></p></li><li><p>College of Chiropractors of BC<br></p></li><li><p>Ontario Chiropractic Association<br></p></li></ul><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><br><h2>Research Interests</h2><p></p><p></p><ul><li><p>Clinical impact of nutrition on musculoskeletal, physiological, and metabolic parameters in athletes and active individuals<br></p></li><li><p>Recovery time and tissue response to different loading stimuli post injury<br></p></li><li><p>The role of mechanical loading, desensitization of central nervous system and pain perception<br></p></li><li><p>The roles of stability, mobility, flexibility, and strength in low back, upper and lower limb disorders<br></p></li></ul><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><br> <br> ​<p></p>