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Our Mission

Fortius Sport & Health is an integrated athlete development centre strengthened through philanthropy and focused on optimizing human performance for life.

 Our Team

Carl Bergstrom | Performance and Rehabilitation Coach

​Carl is a Performance and Rehabilitation Coach at Fortius and a member of the Strength and Conditioning team. ​He has extensive knowledge and experience training athletes in several different capacities, including strength and conditioning and return to sport. Following the completion of a Bachelor's in Human Kinetics degree, he completed his Master of Kinesiology in coaching science at the University of British Columbia. 

His time in the private sector has provided him with a unique opportunity to train an array of individuals ranging from at-risk clientele to professional athletes. His experience in athletics includes working with elite hockey, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, rugby, football, tennis, snowboarding, and golf athletes. Over the past five years, he has developed an integrated hockey program for players ranging from the elite minor to the NHL level. This program provided a cohesive approach to all aspects of an athlete's training needs including on-ice, off-ice, nutrition, and variability training.

Carl has had the pleasure of working with professional teams including the Vancouver Canucks as a Movement Analyst, the Vancouver Whitecaps as the Sports Science & Data Analyst and Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach, as well as the Canadian Women's National Soccer team as their Strength & Power Coach and Assistant to the Exercise Scientist. With the Whitecaps, he is firmly integrated on a daily basis, not only in the sports science role but also within the sports performance department working with individualizing programs within a team setting and working one-on-one with athletes who are returning to sport or require specific attention. Working directly with our Women's National Team leading into the 2015 FIFA World Cup was a great experience at the highest level.

Combining research, experience and education with practical hands on experience and training of high performance athletes, Carl is committed to improving strength and conditioning, athletic performance, recovery, injury prevention, and return to sport.



  •  Masters of Kinesiology  (Coaching Science)                                                                              

  •  University of British Columbia

  •  Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Health Science and Kinesiology)                                               

  •  University of British Columbia


  • Hockey

  • Basketball

  • Golf

Client CV & Professional Highlights

  • Vancouver Canucks – Movement Analyst

  • Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club - Sports Science & Data Analyst  + Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach                                               

  • Canadian Soccer Association (Senior Women's National Team)- Strength and Power Coach                                                                                                    

  • Level 10 Fitness- Director of Hockey Performance & Strength and Conditioning Coach    

Research Project

  • The Forward Skating Stride For Male Elite Ice Hockey Players: An Analysis and Application for Strength and conditioning and Injury Prevention Considerations

  • Considerations for Cardiovascular Conditioning for the Elite Ice Hockey Player

  • A Guide and Review of Innovation in Nutrition and Recovery for Ice Hockey: Maximizing playing performance and potential

Professional Affiliations

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS Levels 1)

  • DNS Sport- Level 1