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Our Mission

Fortius Sport & Health is an integrated athlete development centre strengthened through philanthropy and focused on optimizing human performance for life.

Optimize My Performance


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We’re here to help you optimize your performance and health on the strength of scientifically based methodologies and individualized programs designed to meet your needs.

We use a customized, integrated approach that incorporates the best practices from our comprehensive team and their collective experiences working with elite sport. This allows us to deliver a custom-designed program to meet your personal goals, one that optimizes your performance and ensures that you're training smart and reducing the risk of injuries.

We are driven to see you be the best you can be by giving you the finest in performance training. We go above and beyond by integrating, collaborating and innovating with our team of sport & exercise medicine practitioners.


 Our Amenities



Recovery Centre Centre, CentreRecovery CentreHot & cold plunge pools, a Hydroworx 2000 underwater treadmill.
SRM Cycle Ergometer & Torque Analysis Cycle Ergometer and Torque Analysis, Cycle Ergometer and Torque AnalysisSRM Cycle Ergometer & Torque AnalysisProvides the Gold Standard in measuring power & cycling performance.
Keiser Strength Equipment Strength Training Equipment, Strength Training EquipmentKeiser Strength EquipmentQuality & functionality are key reasons that Fortius uses Keiser extensively.
Nike SPARQ Sensory Performance Station SPARQ Sensory Performance Station, SPARQ Sensory Performance StationNike SPARQ Sensory Performance StationA state-of -the-art sensory device designed to optimize visual performance.
Qualysis® Motion Capture® Motion Capture,® Motion CaptureQualysis® Motion CapturePrecisely measures motions that cause injury or lead to improved performance.
Parvomedics TrueOne® Metabolic Measuring Cart TrueOne® Metabolic Measuring Cart, TrueOne® Metabolic Measuring CartParvomedics TrueOne® Metabolic Measuring CartIntegrated metabolic measurement system for Max VO2 testing.
The Lodge @ Fortius, Lodge @ Fortius60 bedrooms, with access to training facilities & complimentary wireless.
Portable AMTI® Force Platforms AMTI® Force Platforms, AMTI® Force PlatformsPortable AMTI® Force PlatformsContinuously measures ground reaction forces & joint kinetics while jumping.
Performance Vision Training Vision Training, Vision TrainingPerformance Vision TrainingAn biofeedback program designed to improve the functioning of the visual system.
Runway with Embedded AMTI® Force Platform with Embedded AMTI® Force Platform, with Embedded AMTI® Force PlatformRunway with Embedded AMTI® Force Platform80-foot runway allows for over ground running, cutting & walking analysis.