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Our Mission

Fortius Sport & Health is an integrated athlete development centre strengthened through philanthropy and focused on optimizing human performance for life.



Fortius Sport & Health offers​ one of the most comprehensive concussion programs in Canada. The program ​​includes Baseline Testing and Post-Concussion treatment by internationally-experienced Sport Medicine Physicians and other Specialists.  ​

​Recognizing a concussion has occurred is important, but managing the injury properly is essential to successful return to play.​ ​​Statistics Canada states that there are 30,000 concussions per year in youth ages 12-19, with 66% coming from participation in sport activities.​​​​​ ​

Working in collaboration with your family physician, we review the injury, compare to baseline testing when possible, and develop an individual plan to help diagnose impairment and manage the injury.

Contact the Fortius Institute at 604 292 2501  to learn more about our concussion program and get answers to:

  • I've had a Concussion – Now What?

  • Why Baseline Testing?

  • The Fortius Concussion Team