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Our Mission

Fortius Sport & Health is an integrated athlete development centre strengthened through philanthropy and focused on optimizing human performance for life.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​HockeySTRONG is a year-round premier hockey training program for athletes from youth to professional levels.​

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The HockeySTRONG program offers a series of different streams for youth, high performance and professional players. Each program focuses on the development of overall athleticism and prevention of injury through a periodized combination of movement skill, performance training and recovery work. 

With close proximity to Burnaby 8 Rinks, Burnaby Winter Club and Copeland ice surfaces, Fortius Sport & Health provides the ideal location to supplement your on-ice training. 

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The Player Development Packages are a year-round service for athletes age 8 to 21 who are either looking to maintain performance levels during the season or enhance their potential to improve their game with an individual strength training program during the off-season.

The physical capacity and training history of each player is assessed on their intake evaluation. This information, combined with their specific performance objectives, will lead to the formation of an individualized or small group plan.

Each training session is 60 minutes. The packages are delivered by an experienced strength coach and can be designed for up to six athletes per session. The cost of each package varies on the number of sessions and number of athletes within the group.​


  • Packages of single, five or 10 sessions (60 mins each)

  • Flexible to athlete(s) schedule

  • Available year-round​


Contact our Training Centre at or 604.292.2502 for cost and booking inquiries.


This 12-week off-season small group training approach is aimed at identifying and addressing the specific needs of professional players that are looking to enhance their hockey performance. The most important metric to off-season training is its impact on the ice for the next season.

Our collaborative approach links sport science with applied physiology, strength training and sports therapy in one comprehensive program, to include:


The Fortius HockeySTRONG program will collect on-ice data during a battery of specific tests at the start, middle and end of the summer training program. Off-ice data that includes agility tests and force plate power profiles will also be compiled and evaluated by our head of applied sport science.


In order to optimize training responsiveness, a physical therapist will assess each participant's joint mobility and basic movement strategies. The purpose of this evaluation is to look for potential compensatory patterns associated with past or recurrent injuries. Recommendations on manual therapy, plus individualized exercises and mobility drills that address areas of regional dysfunction are integrated into the training program.


The objective data measures, in addition to recommended exercise and drills are delivered to the HockeySTRONG Strength & Conditioning Coach to create the most specific and comprehensive training program for each individual in the small group environment.

Coupled with an understanding of the demands of the professional season, the strength coaches are able to maximize training effectiveness, while maintaining the focus of improving on-ice performance.


Contact our Training Centre at or 604.292.2502 for cost and booking inquiries.



The High Performance Hockey Program is a 12-week off-season program aimed at the 14-25 year old player that is preparing to compete at the next level. Similar to the Pro Performance program, it also includes:


Both on and off-ice testing will be done as part of this program to provide the practitioners with data to tailor to the athletes' needs and to determine the extent that their training is impacting their on ice performance.


A foundational movement screen and performance evaluation, combined with the current age and maturity of each athlete, will determine which peer group the athlete will be placed into to allow for proper performance development.


A Triphasic training program (three-phase approach to loading and training dynamic movement) allows for periodization throughout the program for the athlete to maximize their off-season training.


Contact our Training Centre at or 604.292.2502 for cost and booking inquiries.


The Youth Competitive Hockey Program is a six-week summer program for the youth athlete (age 8-14 yrs) that is looking to initiate or enhance their training development. Participants will train three days a week with a focus on the key development focal points of movement, strength, speed and agility. Groups will not be larger than eight athletes with two coaches.

The key program objectives are developing and expanding individual physical literacy with an emphasis on fun. This will create a foundation for future training, power production and skill development.

The start date will be determined based on the conclusion of spring hockey league and major youth hockey tournaments.


Contact our Training Centre at or 604.292.2502 for cost and booking inquiries.


Available to athletes on request at supplemental service charges:

  •  Sport performance nutrition consults on fueling strategies and legal supplements. (WADA approved, batch tested supplements to ensure no product contamination).

  •  On-site Bistro with on-the-go custom food services for proper fueling and recovery.

  •  Comprehensive baseline concussion assessment or post episodic support programming to maximize recovery and resiliency. This will also provide an independent record for future reference should another incident occur.

  •  Collaborative rehabilitation services that integrate physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage, based on evaluation and the therapeutic plan. This plan is directly communicated and linked to program development with strength and conditioning coaches as the athlete transitions through the rehabilitation to performance program.

  •  Hydrotherapy recovery tubs plus a Hydroworx™ 2000 Underwater Treadmill that enables up to 80 percent body weight de-loading with active running. This may be part of post-surgical management or injury rehabilitation until ready to progress into a performance training program

  •  Sport vision assessment and training program with optometrist at Fortius Sport & Health Vision Performance Clinic​

  • The Fortius Human Performance lab offers 3D video capture technology, used in combination with a force treadmill. With this technology, we capture variables on joint motion and forces that cannot be detected with the naked eye or with home-based video. The collection of 3D data provides us with comprehensive information about movement patterns that help to inform injury interventions and provide insight into injury prevention measures.

  •  Our exercise physiologists in the Fortius Lab measure cardiovascular fitness, production and use of energy, exercise economy and body composition, as well as sport-specific performance measures such as power, speed and force. We serve as a resource for evaluating and monitoring performance factors for elite athletes, and we also measure and track baseline information to optimize anyone's health and fitness.​​​​


If you're interested in joining any of our HockeySTRONG programs, have further inquiries, or need to request an earlier or later start date, please contact the Training Centre at 604.292.2502 or


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