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Our Mission

Fortius Sport & Health is an integrated athlete development centre strengthened through philanthropy and focused on optimizing human performance for life.



Pilates mat classes are designed to integrate balance and awareness into your holistic sport and lifelong wellness goals. 

Program Description 

This class is designed around the Pilates principles of centering, control, concentration, breathing, precision and flow. A perfect adjunct to training, no matter what your sport. 

Pilates will help you to improve your core strength, spinal stability, flexibility and balance. It also aids in recovery and will help to boost your overall mental and physical health.​

This program is hosted in the Beijing Movement Studio​ - our premier movement education space.​


  • ​​​​Prior screening is not required to enroll in Pilates.​ 

  • Participants are able to self-refer into the program, or may be referred from a practitioner or coach. 

  • Participants do not have to stop training or treatment with other practitioners to join Pilates.


  • Training Centre Members: $20 per session (6-week program)   |  Total price: $120*

  • Non Members: $25 per session (12-week program)​   |  Total price:​ $150*

*Please note all program fees are due in full before or on the first session.​



 Meet the team



Abby Galenzoski Lead - Performance Rehabilitation Coach Galenzoski Lead - Performance Rehabilitation Coach
Anna Stec Stec
Kobi Jack Jack