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Our Mission

Fortius Sport & Health is an integrated athlete development centre strengthened through philanthropy and focused on optimizing human performance for life.

Bike Fitting

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cycling is a repetitive sport. A proper bike fit, appropriate equipment, correct technique and adequate training patterns can prevent injuries from developing and improve cycling performance. 

It is important for cyclists to consider a number of factors when fitting their bike. Things like riding patterns, goals, the bike itself and intrinsic factors,  such as leg length discrepancy, muscle imbalance, flexibility issues, core strength, posture, and more all play in to achieve the perfect​​ fit. ​​​

​​Who can benefit from a bike fit?

Regardless of your level of riding, having a professional bike fit improves comfort, performance and control on your bicycle. The comprehensive Fortius Bike Fit service is of particular benefit to individuals who experience discomfort related to cycling (e.g. low back pain, knee pain, saddle or hand numbness during or after cycling, etc.). The assessment is also beneficial for any cyclist (competitive or recreational) who is interested in reducing their risk of developing injuries and optimizing their movement efficiency.

What does the Fortius Bike Fit include?​​​​

The Fortius Bike Fitting service is delivered over two separate appointments:


An initial 40 minute appointment is booked with one of our therapists who will conduct a comprehensive physical and functional assessment. They will measure leg length, assess limb alignment, overall mobility and flexibility, posture and other biomechanical issues that are relevant to cycling. They will also take a thorough history of your current and past injuries, your cycling and athletic history, training volume, and cycling goals and objectives.


Your second appointment will be with our bike fitter Noa Deutsch. Building on the assessment report filed by our therapist, Noa will collect more information about your current training, goals and strengths and weaknesses on the bike. She will focus on applying this information and assessing how it affects your mechanics when riding your bike. The bike fitting process takes 2-2.5 hours and includes:

  • Dynamic capture of an enormous amount of dynamic data from your pedaling stroke and tracking of all the moving parts of your body simultaneously while you ride your bike under different workloads, looking at both left and right side individually, using Retul motion capture software;

  • Adjustments to your position on the bike and cleats, as needed;

  • Technique & posture while riding, including prescription of exercises and technique correction, as needed;

  • Digital measurement of the bike at its final set up, using the Retul Zin;

  • After the bike fit, you will get an email with files containing your position on the bike (left and right), your bike position and geometry and several bike fitting related fact sheets;

  • Email support following the fitting during the adaptation period (Typically 2 weeks).

For individuals who would benefit from having some intervening therapeutic treatments, we have the option of splitting the bike fit into two parts and you will have the opportunity to follow up with one of our therapists before completing the bike fit.

What do I need to bring?

  • Casual workout gear (shorts and a t-shirt)

  • Your bike in clean, good working order (ensure none of the following parts are seized: seat post, saddle, stem and pedals)

  • Your cycling shoes (ensure cleat screws are clean and not seized)

  • Cycling shorts (no baggy shorts please) and jersey (or tight T-shirt)

  • Cycling gloves (if used)

  • Helmet (if having neck or upper back discomfort or if using an aero helmet for triathlon/TT)

What tools are used in the bike fit process?

  • Eyes. Observing you while you ride and using years of bike fitting experience is as important as any gadget!

  • We use the Retul 3D dynamic motion caption bike fitting tool. Noa has spent some time learning from Todd Carver of Retul and has been fitting thousands of athletes using this tool for over 7 years.

  • For key instant & visual feedback, video analysis software is used, if needed.

  • Retul Zin for measuring bike geometry.


  • $440 (plus GST) is payable at the time of booking ($140 for the therapist assessment and $300 for the bike fit).

The assessment portion of our bike fit service ($140) may be covered by your extended health insurance plan.​

Bike Fit 'by the hour'

Available for those who have been previously fitted by Noa and would like to get fitted again. Because bike fits are dynamic in nature, a bike fit 'by the hour' can be done several months, a year, or more after the initial fit to make sure you are still dialed in on your bike. Most athletes come in for a 'by the hour' fit because of changes in range of motion, changes in fitness level, different goals, a second and/or new bike, different bike shoes and/or saddle, etc. The tools used and the process is the same as the initial bike fit.

 You will be billed in 15 minute increments, based on a fee of $150/hour (+GST)​.​


To book in your bike fitting today or for questions, contact us at 604.292.2503 or email​

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