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Our Mission

Fortius Sport & Health is an integrated athlete development centre strengthened through philanthropy and focused on optimizing human performance for life.


​​The Fortius Human Performance lab offers state-of-the-art, applied biomechanical tests/analyses for athletes of all ages and abilities.

Our team of experienced applied biomechanists work with you to evaluate how you move (kinematics), quantify the forces acting on or within your body (kinetics), measure your patterns of muscular activation (EMG) and recommend actionable next steps.

In the Fortius Lab, education is a key component to the client's experience and we strive to function as a community resource for human movement science.  If you are currently in the care of another practitioner, we are dedicated to collaborating with them to help you reach your goals.

The Fortius Lab also offers exercise physiology analysis. Visit our Exercise Physiology services page to learn more.​

OUR technology

The Fortius Lab is home to state-of-the-art 3D video capture technology, used in combination with a force treadmill. 

With this technology, we capture variables on joint motion and forces that cannot be detected with the naked eye or with home-based video. The collection of 3D data provides us with comprehensive information about movement patterns that help to inform injury interventions and provide insight into injury prevention measures. 

3DRun Analysis


Our 3DRun Analysis consists of two sessions. In the first session we learn about your individual sport or activity related goals and capture 3D data of you running on our force treadmill. The data collected will help determine if your movement patterns may be associated with:

  • a past or current injury,

  • could be altered to prevent future injury, or

  • could lead to greater efficiency in movement and overall improved performance. 

Following the initial data collection, we will book you in for a follow-up session to go through a thorough report that describes the findings in a manner that is meaningful to you, as well as any collaborating practitioners that are helping you work toward your goal.


Note: Payment is due in full at the first session. ​

1) Standard 3DRun analysis (two sessions):

  • $220: One-hour comprehensive analysis and 3D data collection

  • $90: 30-minute follow-up discussion and report

2) Prolonged 3DRun analysis (two sessions):

  • $245: 90-minute comprehensive analysis and data collection

  • $105: 30-minute follow-up discussion and report​​

3DWalk Analysis

The 3DWalk analysis is very similar to the 3DRun, however we have the additional opportunity to evaluate foot and ankle function using a barefoot, multi-segment foot model.

The walking analysis is helpful for identifying underlying factors associated with numerous lower extremity injuries (pelvis to foot) as well as complications associated with diabetes and/or osteoarthritis.  We can also measure how different interventions (footwear, exercise, surgery) influence your walking, and can conduct a comprehensive analysis of how your foot is likely functioning within a shoe.​

The 3DWalk also consists of two sessions.The first session includes gaining an understanding of your goals in addition to 3D data collection. In the follow-up session, we will walk you through a thorough report of our analysis and recommendations.​


  • $220: One-hour comprehensive analysis and 3D data collection

  • $90: 30-minute follow-up discussion and report

Book now

We have strategically designed affordable pricing for initial and subsequent visits, and for individuals who want to receive multiple analyses at the Fortius Lab. These analyses may be covered by an extended medical plan when prescribed by a healthcare professional.

Contact us today at 604-292-2503​ or​ for further information and to book your appointment. ​

 Meet the Team

Fortius Sport & Health has attracted some of the leading names in sport and exercise medicine, who work together as a fully integrated practitioner team.



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