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Our Mission

Fortius Sport & Health is an integrated athlete development centre strengthened through philanthropy and focused on optimizing human performance for life.

Brace Fitting

​​​​​​​The concept of orthopedic bracing is meant to stabilize, support, and protect injuries. Braces and supports can correct biomechanical imbalances, are alternatives to surgical treatment, provide post-operative protection, allow for functional movement and can even help prevent reinjuring the affected area. They come in a multitude of fabrics and materials to provide a range of compression, breathability, and rigidity. 

For more information, call 604 - 570 - 0855.​

SportMed, a residential retail partner located in the Atrium @ Fortius, carries a comprehensive selection of over-the-counter bracing, supports, compression socks, and custom knee bracing. They focus on finding the best product to client match possible to maximize patient compliance and outcomes.

SportMed employs a team of university-educated staff with extensive knowledge brace fitting and rehabilitation products from the world's leading manufacturers. They will work in collaboration with your referring health care practitioner and provide one-on-one attention to ensure that the prescribed brace allows for comfortable movement and optimal function & support.

In addition to wide range of Custom and OTC braces and supports, SportMed also carries the following sport medicine products:

  • A wide variety of  ​elbow, knee and wrist products ​

  • ​Insoles and Heel Comfort products​

  • Rehabilitation and Exercise Products

    • ​​Foam Rollers and Massage Sticks

    • ​​Release Balls & Massage Balls

    • ​​Exercise Tubing (CORE-X, Theraband, Aerobic Toners, etc.)

    • ​​Balance and Core Stability (Wobble & Balance boards, Sissel balance discs)

    • ​Water Running Belts and accessories

    • ​Hand exercisers

  • Athletic Training and First Aid Supplies

    • ​Athletic and Specialty Tapes & Sprays

    • ​Cryotherapy

    • ​First Aid Kits

  • ​Compression Stockings & Athletic Socks- Prescription 20-30 mmHg and OTC 15-20 mmHg are available

SportMed @ Fortius​