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Our Mission

Fortius Sport & Health is an integrated athlete development centre strengthened through philanthropy and focused on optimizing human performance for life.

Massage Therapy

​​​​​Our massage therapists have profound experience in various & diverse areas within their field including injury prevention, women's health, concussion management & pre/post-surgery treatment.

​Massage therapy is covered by most extended health plans. Book your appointment today @ the Fortius Institute or call 604.292.2501.

Our massage therapists don't just treat your symptoms. They carefully consider your medical history, areas of concern, level and type of pain and how your condition restricts your performance and/or daily activities. In this way, they develop a treatment plan based on your individual needs – one that will lead to more lasting results.

The benefits of receiving regular massage therapy treatments include:

     •         Improved neuromuscular function

     •         Enhanced athletic training and performance

     •         Faster return-to-play

     •         Prevention of muscle & tendon injury

Your first appointment includes an initial assessment and evaluation. Once your history and physical evaluation has been completed, our therapist outlines the details of your treatment including a treatment plan and goals for your recovery, including education about your condition. Our therapist will provide you with home care information and other recommendations to help ensure optimal results for your recovery process.

Each appointment includes:

 •         Assessment and evaluation of your symptoms and condition

 •        Treatment which can include manual therapies, therapeutic exercise, hydrotherapy and/or education

•           Recommendations, including home care and treatment frequency

•           Associated administration and charting for your medical file

You can book an appointment directly with our massage therapists. No referral is required. Most extended health plans provide coverage for massage therapy services. Check with your provider for more details on the benefits available to you. We do not directly bill third parties; however we will provide you with a receipt that can be submitted to your health plan for reimbursement.  Please call the Fortius Institute at 604.292.2501 to book your appointment. 


•          $120 Long Treatment (55-60 minutes)

•          $95   Standard Treatment (40-45 minutes)

•          $65   Short Treatment (25-30 minutes)
            *all prices include 5% GST

Please book a Standard or Long Treatment for your first appointment.  Ensure you arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time to fill out the necessary paperwork.  Please note that our appointments run on timeIf you are running late, we may not be able to extend your allotted appointment time as it will run into the next patient's scheduled time.  We require at least 24 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment; otherwise a cancellation fee will be applied to your account. 



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Book your next massage appointment online! Following your first appointment, you will receive instructions on how to login. You can also use our online booking system to view upcoming appointments, see past appointments, view your billing history and complete paperwork.

If you did not receive an online login or have questions about this system, please call the Fortius Institute at 604.292.2501​​

 Meet the Team

Fortius Sport & Health has attracted some of the leading names in sport and exercise medicine, who work together as a fully integrated practitioner team.



Erin Reid Reid
Anna Stec Stec
Aaron Ashe Ashe
Adam Harris Harris
Matt Thompson Thompson
Ashley Page Page
Vincent Lam Lam
Richard Hawes Hawes
Lorraine Hardie Hardie