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Our Mission

Fortius Sport & Health is an integrated athlete development centre strengthened through philanthropy and focused on optimizing human performance for life.

Performance Vision

​​​Fortius Performance Vision is dedicated to optimizing your visual performance in any environment, whether it's on the playing field, at school or at work. Our team of optometrists and performance vision specialists can help you improve clarity and comfort, decrease fatigue and strain, and gain a visual edge while competing on and off the playing field.

​You can book an appointment directly with our optometrists. No referral is required. Most extended health plans provide some coverage for optometry services. Check with your provider for more details on the benefits available to you. We do not directly bill third parties; however, we will provide you with a receipt that can be submitted to your health plan for reimbursement.

Our Services Include:


Designed to maximize both visual efficiency and comfort, this assessment consists of a thorough case history, an in-depth analysis of eye focus and eye teaming abilities, an investigation of potential factors impacting visual efficiency, as well as an evaluation of ocular health. It also includes Optomap Retinal Imagery and a diagnostic assessment and treatment plan.​

Performance Vision Training

Simply put, this is "physiotherapy for the eyes." Training consists of an incremental biofeedback program designed to improve the functioning of the visual system, enhancing the coordination and integration of vision with the body's other motor, sensory and cognitive systems. The scope of training services may be as basic as a single consult demonstrating at-home exercises or as complex as a customized, intensive, sport-specific training program integrated into on and off field training. The fee for training is based on the time required with our sports vision team. 


This examination is designed specifically for athletes and consists of a thorough case history, in-depth analysis of eye focus and eye teaming abilities, sport-specific visual skills assessment and ocular health evaluation. It also includes the production of Optomap Retinal Imagery – an ultra-wide, digital image of the retina – providing the athlete with an indication of the overall health of the eye. In consultation with the athlete, the treatment plan will address the visual concerns of the athlete, the demands of their sport and capitalize on opportunities to maximize visual performance. 


The Nike SPARQ Sensory Performance Station is a state-of-the-art sensory device designed to evaluate 10 visual skills that are important to superior visual performance but not commonly tested. Individual results are compared to an athlete performance data base by position, sport and competition level to produce a customized SPARQ Sensory Performance Profile. 

 Meet the Team

Fortius Sport & Health has attracted some of the leading names in sport and exercise medicine, who work together as a fully integrated practitioner team.



Dr. Kevin Loopeker Kevin Loopeker
Dr. Donna Mockler Donna Mockler