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Our Partners

At Fortius Sport & health, we collaborate with like-minded individuals & organizations that recognize the power of sport to transform lives.


  1. Professional Sport Partners
  2. Strategic Corporate Partners
  3. Strategic Community Partners​
  4. Provincial Sport Partners​
  5. Resident Retail Partners
  6. Resident Training Partners
  7. Resident Sport Partners​
  8. Resident Tenants​



Vancouver warriors lacrosse

As the Vancouver Warriors’ Official Athlete Development Centre, Fortius has formed an integrated support team that will focus on optimizing player preparation, performance and recovery in Vancouver, and on the road.


Fortius has partnered with Adamas esports as the official training centre and home of the Vancouver Titans for the 2020 season. 




TELUS is a Premier Partner of Fortius Sport & Health. Over a decade ago, TELUS decided to put its world-class innovation and technology to work tackling the challenges facing Canada’s health​care system. They’ve since become Canada’s largest healthcare information and communications technology provider. Our partnership will see us deploy electronic medical record and personal health record technologies from TELUS to seamlessly connect our inter-disciplinary sport and exercise medicine team and our clients. These technologies will allow practitioners to collaborate on the same client – regardless of their age or level of ability.


Herman Miller, Inc., a global award winner in furniture design and work space technologies and services, is distinctly associated with the look and feel of Fortius Sport & Health. With experience spanning small to large businesses around the globe, as well as educational institutions, health care facilities and government, Herman Miller has provided us with furniture and work space designs, technologies and related services to ensure the best possible experience for clients, practitioners and staff at our flagship facility.


Centaur’s mission is to enhance athletic performance and spectator experience through provision of high quality products and installation services in the construction of Sports facilities. Centaur has embraced the Fortius vision through a partnership aimed at providing our clients with the best experiences and results. Fortius clients from professional and elite athletes to young developing athletes and the general public all connect directly with Centaur surfaces, whether in the Gym @ Fortius, in the Training Centre @ Fortius, rehabbing on the specially designed On Field Clinic or benefitting from therapy in the Fortius Institute.​



B2ten is a privately funded charitable organization that exists to make a material contribution to amateur sport in Canada. Our partnership with B2ten includes a broad range of collaborative activities ranging from one-on-one high performance training for BC’s Olympic athletes, to community programming content that teaches sport skills and active living values to young people. Among the joint ventures established with B2ten to strengthen our capacity to serve athletes is the Resident Training Partnership formed with the Canadian Women’s National Soccer team, and the launch of Fortius PowerWatts Cycling, a training system used to optimize cycling performance and fitness.


Tourism Burnaby is a leading, sector-focused destination marketing and resource organization that develops, promotes and assists in the city’s tourism growth through innovative community, regional and partner programs. Our partnership will help to support existing events as well as attract international, national, regional and provincial championships, tournaments, festivals, training camps, and other special sport events to the City of Burnaby.  The two organizations will work together on a “co-branded sport hosting initiative” to promote the benefits of staging such events in Greater Vancouver, and Burnaby in particular. They’ll also support local sports groups in their efforts to bring major events to the city. 


ViaSport British Columbia is a not-for-profit organization created in 2011 as a legacy of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Our mandate is to increase awareness, opportunity and participation in sport across the province–at every stage of life and in every community.

By leading the province in building a stronger, more effective sport system, we will bring more families to the field of play, more fans into the stands, more athletes to the podium and more sports events to the province.​



Fortius has formed collaborative partnerships with the following Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs) to provide BC athletes with easier access to performance testing, training, lodging and more.



​Shop while you’re here! Find the following stores inside our facility to fill a prescription, pick up sport equipment, grab a coffee and more! Visit our Shop Here page to learn more about these stores.



The Fortius pitch or gymnasium is the proud home training ground to the following sports organizations, clubs and teams:



The Fortius facility is the proud office headquarters of the following Provincial & National Sport Organizations:



Fortius is the proud office headquarters of the following organizations: