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Analysis for Team Sports

Whether you’re sprinting to the net in hockey, dodging an opponent in soccer, or jumping to make a play in volleyball, most team sports demand a similar set of physical requirements to optimize performance.

Fortius sport scientists provide a number of evidence-based analyses to measure these team sport requirements, provide you with a current profile, and make actionable recommendations you can take to optimize performance and prevent injury.


THE DEMAND: The ability to produce high levels of force and power to fuel burst of high intensity sprints, jumps and changes of direction during games as well as in training.



THE DEMAND: The ability to maintain high levels of cardiovascular output through long training days and during competition.



THE DEMAND: The proper strength to perform at the highest level and be resilient in situations that pose increased risk of injury.



THE DEMAND: Building and maintaining a level of muscle mass relative to fat mass, to manage the demands of training and competition.



THE DEMAND: Running with the proper form and technique to optimize running performance and prevent injury.