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Bike Fitting

Regardless of your level of riding, having a professional bike fit improves comfort, performance and control on your bicycle.

The comprehensive Fortius Bike Fit service is of particular benefit to individuals who experience discomfort related to cycling (e.g., low back pain, knee pain, saddle or hand numbness during or after cycling, etc.).

The assessment is also beneficial for any cyclist (competitive or recreational) who is interested in reducing their risk of developing injuries and optimizing their movement efficiency.


  • Thorough history of your current and past injuries, your cycling and athletic history, training volume, and cycling goals and objectives.
  • Functional assessment to measure leg length, assess limb alignment, overall mobility and flexibility, posture and other biomechanical issues relevant to cycling.
  • Dynamic capture of data from your pedaling stroke and all moving parts of your body while you ride your bike under different workloads, looking at both the left and right side individually, using Retul motion capture software.
  • Adjustments to your position on the bike and cleats.
  • Analysis of your technique & posture while riding, and prescription of exercises and technique correction.
  • Digital measurement of the bike at its final set up, using Retul Zin.
  • An email with files containing your position on the bike (left and right), your bike position and geometry and several bike fitting related fact sheets.

NOTE: For individuals who would benefit from having some intervening therapeutic treatments, we have the option of splitting the bike fit into two sessions allowing you to follow up with one of our therapists before completing the bike fit.