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Body Composition

Are you trying to lose fat or build muscle mass? Did you know muscle mass actually weighs more than fat mass?

Unlike a traditional scale, body composition testing uses skinfold and girth measurements to assess what proportion of the body is fat mass compared to fat-free mass (i.e., lean mass, bone and muscle). By tracking these measurements over time, and not just your overall weight, we can determine if changes in your weight are due to a change in fat mass or fat-free mass.

This information can help your registered dietitian or strength and conditioning coach build a dietary or training plan that is tailored toward your body composition. It can also help monitor the effectiveness of a program, and give insight into your health status.

Pair this information with a measure of your resting metabolic rate to find out exactly how many calories you need to eat in order to reach your goals.


body composition assessments


Each of our analyses includes two sessions:

  1. Consultation & Assessment
    Pre-analysis interview on your sport or activity-related goals and assessment
  2. Report & Action Items
    30-minute follow-up session, where an expert will walk you through an actionable report that describes the findings & recommendations in a manner that is meaningful to you.