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Strength & Power

“I don’t jump in my sport, so jump testing isn’t relevant to me.”— Wrong.

Jump testing at Fortius is used to assess a number of factors, including strength and power. It also assess asymmetries in loading between left and right legs which can help to identify potential areas of increased injury risk, or monitor progress during injury rehabilitation.

At Fortius we measure jump testing using a dual force plate system in which one leg is placed on each force plate as an athlete performs their jumps.

Jump testing is conducted by an applied biomechanist. We also offer One Rep Max testing offered by our strength & conditioning team.


strength & power assessments



 Each of our analyses includes two sessions:

  1. Consultation & Data Capture
    Pre-analysis interview on your sport or activity-related goals and data capture (60min)
  2. Report & Action Items
    30-minute follow-up session, where an expert will walk you through an actionable report that describes the findings & recommendations in a manner that is meaningful to you.
    *For the rep max testing session, data capture, report and action items are provided within one session .