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Click here to watch the warm-up video before starting the training blocks below.


  • Jumping Jacks x 20
  • World’s Greatest x 3 each side
  • Downward Dog Toe Touch x 3 each side
  • Single Leg Glute Bridge x 10 each side
  • Bird Dog x 4 each side
  • Tall Plank Tap & Y Reach x 2 each side
  • Overhead Cook Squat x 3 each side
  • Reverse Lunge x 4 each side
  • Jumping jacks x 20 each side
  • Lateral lunge x 4 each side
  • Drop Squat x 6 each side
  • Split Drop Squat x 3 each side
  • Countermovement Jump x 3

BLOCK 1: LOWER PUSH (3-4 sets)

15-20 seconds between A-C. Rest 75 seconds between each set, adding in any mobility you see fit.

1A) Lateral Wall Push Isometric Hold: 20 seconds per side

  • Stay connected to core and feel glutes and quads pushing into the wall.
  • Maintain regular breathing over core recruitment
  • Level hips & shoulders, good hockey skating stance

1B) Imitation Hurdle Lateral Tuck Jump: 4 per side

  • Fast ground contacts, pull knees up as if you were jumping over a hurdle.
  • Only need to move laterally about 2 feet.
  • Intent to get off the ground quick.

1C) Alternate Dynamic Split Squat Jumps: 4 per side

  • Hands on hips, drop & drive out of your split squat with a dynamic effort.
  • Jump for height.


15-20 seconds between A-C. Rest 75 seconds between each set, adding in any mobility you see fit.

2A) Supine Isometric Row: 20 seconds

  • Lay on your back with elbows at around 45 degrees away from torso.
  • Drive your upper arm and shoulders into the ground and squeeze your back muscles.

2B) Tall Plank Rocking Saw: 8-10 reps

  • Start in a tall plank position and use your core to get you into a rigid head to heel alignment.
  • Maintaining that alignment, slowly push yourself backwards where it becomes difficult to hold your posture.
  • Focus on engaging the lats (mid-back) and push into the ground and pull yourself back to tall plank.

2C) Prone Overhead Reach: 12-15 reps (can hold light weights if necessary)

  • Laying on your stomach, reach your hands overhead keeping them away from the ground as much as you can.


15-20 seconds between A-C. Rest 75 seconds between each set adding in any mobility you see fit.

3A) Towel Slider Eccentric Hamstring: 6-8 reps
(single leg for difficulty at 4-6 each side)

  • Bridge up with a towel under your heels, keeping your hips up slowly drive your heels away from you.
  • Take anywhere from 4-7 seconds to get to your end point.

3B) Cross Behind to Lateral Lunge: 8 reps per side

  • Keep hips square while you drop back into your lunge.
  • Maintain a low hip position and drive out of the loaded hip into the opposite side lateral lunge.

3C) Towel Lateral Slider Lunge: 8 reps per side

  • Start in tall stance with towel under one foot, sink into one hip and let the other leg slide away perpendicular to your body.
  • Use the stance leg and the outstretched leg together to push into the ground and come back to tall stance.