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BLOCK 1 (3-4 sets)

1A) Couch/Bench RFESS: 12-15 reps each side

  • Grab any weighted implement you can handle for the given rep range, hold in a suitcase/zercher/offset position (kitchen appliances and loaded suitcases are optional
  • Control the way down and push back up with intent to engage all lower leg muscles.

1B) Couch/Bench Glute Bridge: 12-15 reps (single leg variation: 10-15 reps each side)

  • Shoulders up on elevated surface, slowly lower with the hips and bring your belt buckle back up using posterior chain.

1C) Spiderman Push Up: 12-15 reps

  • Control the way down using triceps and chest, bring one knee towards same side elbow at bottom of push up.
  • Add a pause at the bottom for increased difficulty.

BLOCK 2 (3-4 SETS)

2A) Staggered RDL Row Variation: 12-15 reps each side

  • Find a bag or backpack at home to fill with appropriate weight, stagger your feet in a 2 point stance so you are hinged with torso facing towards the ground.
  • Row contralateral arm up and squeeze upper back, ensuring you keep your shoulder from elevating towards the ear.

2B) Skater Squat with Low to High Lift: 8-10 reps each side

  • With the same bag held in both hands – lighten if needed, squat down with one leg and bring the bag to the outside of the stance leg keeping hips square and good posture.
  • Drive up to a single leg tall A stance and reach the bag high over the knee of the drive leg.

2C) Downward Dog Decline Push: 12-15 reps

  • From a tall plank position bend your knees as you drive hips high into the air.
  • Maintaining this torso angle, simulate an overhead press by lowering your head towards the ground at the same torso angle.
  • Focus on opening up the bottom of the shoulder blades when you push back up to the top.
  • Elevate your feet for a steeper incline and increased difficulty.

BLOCK 3 (3-4 SETS)

3A) Supine Anti Extension: 12-15 reps

  • Laying on your back with your bag in both hands, allow arms and legs to fall away from each other until you cannot maintain strength through anterior core.
  • Ensuring you stay braced and breathing, bring your legs and arms back to the start.

3B) Tall Plank Pull Through: 8-10 reps each side

  • From tall plank position, reach through and grab underneath opposite armpit to drag across your weight.
  • Focus on staying square in the hips using the core and arm that stays in contact with the ground.
  • Can add contralateral leg raise for superman if you’re wanting more difficulty.

3C) McGill Leg Lower: 10-12 per side 

  • From the start position, focus on elevating the upper torso towards the ceiling rather than just crunching forwards.
  • Maintaining torso elevation, slowly lower your leg down and back up before returning to the start position.