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Thanks for tuning in for our first adult training program!

This is a full body strength workout, covering single leg and pushing-related exercises with a challenging eccentric and isometric contraction focus. Find a bonus finisher at the end for an extra challenge.

How to read the “tempo” prescribed: eg. 3-2-1

  • 3 is seconds in eccentric phase (“loading” part)
  • 2 is seconds in-between eccentric-concentric phase (“pause” part between up and down)
  • 1 is seconds in concentric phase (“contraction” part)

Training experience: Intermediate – Advanced
Equipment needed: Couch
Warm-Up: Ground-based mobility exercises included in video above!

Disclaimer: Participants wishing to take part in the Fortius online training programs do so at their own risk. Participants should only participate in programs and exercises if they feel they can safely do. If at any time during the program the Participant feels she or he can no longer safely participate in the program they should immediate cease.

BLOCK 1 (4 sets)

1A. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (RFESS); 4-6 reps each side, 5-1-1

  • Elevate foot behind you on surface no higher than knee height.
  • Ensure hip, knee and ankle are in line.
  • Keep stance short, compared to overextending hips.

1B. Power RFESS; 4-6 reps each side; 1-1-X

  • When paused at bottom, no dip before jumping.
  • Keep hips level on landing.


  • Complete right foot first for A & B, then do left
  • Limit rest between sides
  • Advanced: No rest between A & B
    Intermediate: 20-30 sec rest between A & B

block 2 (4 sets)

2A. Wide Push-up; 4-6 reps, 5-1-1

  • Keep elbows over wrists.
  • Spin hands into floor.
  • Rip ground apart.

2B. Couch Power Push-up; 4-6 reps, 1-1-X

  • Can be any elevated surface to make push-up easier.
  • Set up with narrower hand placement.
  • Ensure a soft, controlled landing.


  • Advanced: No rest between A & B
    Intermediate: 20-30 second rest between A & B
  • Rest as needed after B

block 3 (3 sets each side)

3A. Lateral Squat; 4-6 reps each side, 1-5-1

  • Feet flat, weight evenly distributed front to back of foot.
  • Keep hip, knee and ankle of loaded side in line; other leg straight.

3B. Lateral Bound; 4-6 reps, X-0-X

  • Load single leg. Push the ground away with planted foot.
  • Land softly in single leg squat with opposite leg.
  • Cover as much distance as possible.


  • Advanced: No rest between A & B
    Intermediate: 20-30 second rest between A & B
  • Rest as needed after B

BLOCK 4 (3 setS)

4A. Mountain Climbers; 20 – 30 second burst 

  • Keep hips up, back stays flat.
  • Shoulders over wrists.

4B. Tall Plank Walkback; 30 – 45 second slow reps

  • From plank position, walk feet back until you are as long as possible from fingers to toes.
  • Keep hips up as you move back.


  • Advanced: 15 second rest between drills
    Intermediate: 30 second rest between drills
  • 1 minute break between sets

finisher (2 – 3 sets)

Complete in a circuit fashion, challenging yourself to complete as fast as possible!

1. Jump Squats for height – 8 reps
2. Side Plank Transitions – 4 per side
3. Cycling Split Squats for height – 8 per side
4. Cross Body Crunch – 8 per side
5. Alternating Toe Touches – 8 per side


  • 1 minute break between sets