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Program 3 is a stability and strength day, covering exercises geared towards total body stability and other accessory drills to activate the smaller muscle groups.

This is a great lower intensity home workout in between those more intense ones!

Training experience: Any
Equipment needed: None

Disclaimer: Participants wishing to take part in the Fortius online training programs do so at their own risk. Participants should only participate in programs and exercises if they feel they can safely do. If at any time during the program the Participant feels she or he can no longer safely participate in the program they should immediate cease.

BLOCK 1: stability (2 SETS)

1A. Side lying hip circles: 12-15 reps each way per side

  • Keep hips stacked, top leg straight.
  • Draw circle with heel. 

1B. Soft rolling: 6-10 reps

  • Laying on back with one hand in the air, one arm straight back (bicep next to your ear).
  • Punch across body with hand in the air. Tuck chin, roll vertebra by vertebra until half roll is completed. 
  • Try not to use momentum or legs to begin movement. 


2A) Turkish get-up: 6-10 reps each side

  • Set up like you did for the soft rolling exercise prior.
  • Move with control.
  • Reset to floor if shoe falls
  • Harder: Try with shoe balancing on fist.


  • Position 0. Lying flat on ground.
  • Position 1. Curl up to elbow.
  • Position 2. Lift up to hand, replacing elbow.
  • Position 3. Lift hips off floor into bridge.
  • Position 4. Sweep leg through bridge into half-kneel, rotate body upright.
  • Position 5. Stand up.

2B) Single leg squat: 8 each side or 2 from fail each side

  • Foot stays flat, weight in heel.
  • Sit back, keeping hip, knee and ankle in line.
  • Belt line (hips) should stay parallel to floor. 

*Counterbalance tip: To keep control and avoid losing a flat back, push your hands away from you while going down. 

2C) Push-up to Cross Body Knee Drive: 6-10 reps

  • Too hard? Set up hands on elevated surface.
  • Hands shoulder width apart, placed in-line with shoulders.
  • Keep spine aligned, hips up and head stays neutral.

2D) Single Leg Bent-Over T-Y-Ws: 6-8 reps (T-Y-W = 1 rep)

  • Spine stays flat, head stays neutral.
  • Can place head on surface to help with spinal stability.
  • Lift from shoulders. 

2E) Side Plank Rotations: 8-10 reps

  • Too hard? Try bending bottom leg and placing knee on the ground.
  • Staggered feet placement, should have top leg in front to help brace.
  • Keep elbow under shoulder.
  • Big reach, body rotates as one unit.

2F) Plank Around the World: 4-6 reps

  • Too hard? Try only upper body motion.
  • Keep hips up, no twisting at hips.


Plank position – reach right arm – reach left arm  lift right leg – lift left leg = 1 rep 

2G) Cross Under Lunge: 2 from fail each side

  • Hips and shoulders stay square as leg crosses behind body.
  • Front leg pushes into the ground to get back to neutral.