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Welcome to our second youth training program!

This program focuses on a combination of hops, single leg jumps and single leg landings to improve jumping performance and single leg stability. Then, we will do a series of lower body and upper body movements grouped with anti-extension core exercises.

Read the instructions below and follow along with the video above!

Disclaimer: Participants wishing to take part in the Fortius online training programs do so at their own risk. Participants should only participate in programs and exercises if they feel they can safely do. If at any time during the program the Participant feels she or he can no longer safely participate in the program they should immediate cease.


Click here to watch the warm-up video before starting the training blocks below.

  • Up-Down Dog Mobility Series (1 minute of constant SLOW movement)
  • Seated Shin Box Opener (1 minute of constant SLOW movement)
  • Shin Box Rotations – 8 reps each side
  • Shoulder Protraction/Retraction – 10 reps
  • Glute Bridge – 10 reps
  • Plank Roll – 8 reps each side
  • Kneeling Hip Hinge – 10 reps
  • Quadruped Rockers – 10 reps

Block 1 (3 sets)

1A) Pogos: 20 reps

  • Stay stiff with the ankles and knees, Tap the ground with your forefoot

1B) Split Jumps: 12 reps (6 each side)

  • Drive off of both legs to jump as high as you can, be stable with the landings

1C) Vertical Jump to Single Leg Landing: 12 reps (6 each side)

  • Start small and keep control of the landings. Try and stay in one spot.

BLOCK 2 (4 sets)

2A) Wall Sit: 1 minute hold

  • Sit with your knees at 90 degrees and drive your back into the wall from your feet.

2B) Sea Turtles: 10 reps

  • Lift the chest off of the ground, maintain tension whilst lifting your arms overhead

2C) Plank shoulder taps: 20 reps

  • Brace and keep the ribs tucked in, don’t let them flare out. Try and hold a square position throughout the set


3A) Single Leg Hip Thrust: 10 reps each side

  • Drive your heel into the ground and get full extension from the hip. Stay square, don’t let your body twist.

3B) T-Push up: 10 reps

  • Perform a high quality push up, don’t rush. Turn your head as you reach your hand up and hold a straight line as you turn your body open.

 3C) Leg lowers: 10 reps

  • Crunch your ribs down and tuck the pelvis under before you start, don’t let your lower back come away from the ground as you lower your legs. To regress this movement, bend your knees to shorten the length of your legs.