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How can you perform at your best, if you don’t know your capacity? How can you prevent injury if you don’t know your risk factors?

From strength and power, to cardiovascular endurance, every sport requires a unique set of physical demands to optimize performance. In the Fortius Lab, we can test for a number of these physical demands and provide actionable recommendations to help you perform at your best and reduce the risk of injury.

Book in for testing before November 6, 2020 and save 20% off the following analysis: 


Triathlete running on 3DRun treadmill

Looking to hit a new PB? Struggling with a chronic running injury? Our 3DRun/Walk analysis has the ability to capture small imperfections in your running and walking technique, like stride width, cadence, knee/foot position and step length. We also analyze your biomechanics (how your hip, knee and ankle work together).

Small positive changes to running or walking technique and mechanics can add up to a significant difference over a longer race or walk distance. Based on your results, our recommendations may include gait retraining, mobility work, strength work or shoe changes that can all lead to increased performance, injury prevention and injury management.


Whether you’re looking to decrease your race time, improve your power on hills, or sustain your activity for longer durations, the VO2Max and VO2Max Lactate Threshold analyses provides a unique profile of your cardiovascular fitness.

Using state-of-the-art metabolic equipment, our applied exercise physiologist takes you through a progressive exercise test on a bike or treadmill. Using this data, they provide actionable recommendations for you to improve your training and help you reach your sport or fitness goals.


Tricep fat analyses body composition test

All athletes need to build and maintain a certain level of muscle mass to manage the demands of training and competition. Unlike a traditional scale, body composition testing uses skinfold and girth measurements to assess what proportion of the body is fat mass compared to fat-free mass (i.e., lean mass, bone and muscle).

This information can help your registered dietitian or strength and conditioning coach build a dietary or training plan that is tailored to building the right body composition for your sport or health goals.


Jump testing in the Fortius Lab, Burnaby

“I don’t jump in my sport, so jump testing isn’t relevant to me.” — Wrong.

Jump testing at Fortius is used to assess a number of factors, including strength and power. It also assesses asymmetries in loading between left and right legs which can help to identify potential areas of increased injury risk, or monitor progress during injury rehabilitation.

Jump testing is measured using a dual force plate system and kinetic impulses.


To learn more about the Fortius Lab, our technology or services, visit our Analysis webpage.