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5 ways hydrotherapy differs from your community pool
December 23, 2016

The buoyancy and density of water allows us to do things in the pool earlier than on land.

And while we agree your local pool can be a beneficial form of aquatic therapy for some injuries and cross-training goals, there are limitations. Here are five reasons that may change your mind about choosing hydrotherapy over your community pool.


The Fortius hydrotherapy pool is an 8’x12’ floor that can be moved up and down from ground level to 6.5 feet deep.  Because water depth is related to the load on your body, we first assess your goals and treatment needs to ensure you are always training at the right depth.

The entire floor itself is also a treadmill that can go from 0.1 mph to 8.5 mph. You can go from walking to running to sprinting in a matter of seconds. Underwater treadmill running has been shown to be more similar to land running compared to deep water running and shallow water running. When it comes to rehabilitating an injury or a cross-training method, Hydrotherapy is one step up.



One thing your community pool definitely doesn’t have is  underwater cameras. Our hydrotherapy pool contains five high definition underwater cameras that project on two televisions in front of you. The visual feedback of being able to see yourself move from multiple view points can help you make corrections to strengthen your movement patterns and gait. Seeing is believing!



Water is 800 times denser than air. When in water, you are exercising through resistance with every movement you make, while reducing the amount of stress on the joints. In addition to this resistance, our hydrotherapy pool also comes equipped with resistance jets that exert a powerful stream of water towards you while you are walking or running. The jets are used along with running speed to increase intensity and provide an additional challenge to other exercises.



The Hydrotherapy room has a large hot tub and a cold tub to help with muscle relaxation, recovery and inflammatory response. Whether you prefer hot water, cold water or a combination of two, we have a tub for you. The added bonus over a community center is the massage hose in the hot tub which can only be explained by giving it a try. Believe us, it is worth it!



Most importantly, the sessions are not done in groups like your community center, but one-on-one with a practitioner that will give you specific exercises and feedback to progress towards your goals. Following your session, they will also recommend others ways you may be able to integrate treatment from other members of the Fortius team.


Visit our website to learn more or call us today at 604.292.2501 to ask how our underwater treadmill can help you recover from an injury, surgery, chronic pain, work within your performance goals or aid in recovery*.

NOTE: Hydrotherapy requires a referral from your doctor, physiotherapist or health care provider.