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Corporate Wellness
6 ways to promote wellness in the workplace
July 27, 2018 | by Lucy Fox, Fortius Marketing & Events Assistant

In an office environment, it can be hard to find time to get up and get moving. Documents need to be finalized, emails need to be sent and meetings need to be scheduled. Though standing desks are popular to get people out of their chairs, there is still more we can do in an office space to promote healthier lifestyle choices.

It will benefit your workplace in the long run too. Mid-day workouts can help improve concentration and reduce stress, keeping the final few hours of the work day as productive as possible. Corporate wellness also helps foster team spirit, making the office environment a healthier one for everyone.

Not sure how to get started? Here are a few ideas to get in the wellness mindset and encourage teamwork in the workplace:

1. host Team challenges

Organize wellness related challenges for your office. If you have a small team these could be on an individual basis and for bigger offices you could organize your office into larger teams that bring together various departments. From there, plan out monthly challenges!
Some examples include:

  • Host a step challenge! Have employees count their steps for a week. The team (or individual) with the most that week, wins.
  • Host a mid-day workout photo contest, and have team members share photos during or after their workout. It will keep team members accountable to workouts they’ve scheduled. Whoever or whichever team posts the most in a week, wins.
  • Bike/walk to work challenges for those teams who live close or on a transit route!

2. Join a local sports league

Team huddle before a sports game

In the Lower Mainland, there are tons of local recreational sports leagues from softball to soccer. Rally your team members and join one! It’s a great way to get to know your colleagues outside of the office, encourage team moral and get everyone moving and having fun.

3. Take your team off-site for lunch workouts

Group workouts

There are local gyms and fitness centres everywhere, whether you work downtown or in the suburbs. Find some classes close to you, organize car pools to save gas and head off-site to recharge on your lunch break with a good workout.

4. Host on-site fitness classes

Finding it a bit too far to get your team to an off-site gym? Try bringing in a trainer to do some on-site workouts! You will need an empty space big enough for your team, but personal trainers and yoga instructors are a great way to bring fitness into your own space.

5. curate aN ONLINE Health library

Health Library

Encourage a healthy, balanced lifestyle with a health ‘library’ full of resources on wellness topics. This can be an online resource on your team’s online communication platform or a physical space in your office depending on your capacity! Include things like:

  • healthy recipes
  • health & fitness tips
  • a review book on local gyms and workouts
  • mindfulness strategies
  • a list of the best fitness and mindfulness apps.

6. host Wellness workshops

Team seminar at Fortius

Organize a wellness workshop for your office, to get them started on the path to wellness and encourage the team to work together. These can be catered to your team’s particular needs, and are a great way to have fun as a group!


Here at Fortius, corporate packages can combine regular group fitness activities, educational seminars and catered meals to support your team’s wellness initiatives. They can help educate and empower your team towards an active and healthy lifestyle, both in and out of the office space.

Visit our Corporate Wellness page to learn more about our offerings and to get started on planning your team’s corporate wellness.