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Community, Foundation Partnerships
Celebrating stories of healing: The Fortius Foundation and Watson Centre partnership
July 26, 2019 | by Fortius Sport & Health

For the Fortius Foundation and Pro Motion Research Institute (PMRI), funding and supporting world-class sport and exercise medicine and science facilities, programs and research are at the core of their partnership.

Watson Centre Society for Brain Health is one such program – and one which is celebrating its own milestone come August: their grand re-opening and celebration following two and a half years of incredible stories of healing at the Fortius facility.

At Watson, their mission is to improve the lives of people who have suffered brain injuries or experienced concussions. Their team of specialists customize programs for their clients based on the parts of the brain that need it most.

Through the generous support of donors, including a donation of $238,350 by Mr. Paul-Andre Guillotte, Watson Centre Society for Brain Health and PMRI have been able to fund many participants who would otherwise not be able to afford the program, create lasting impact for their clients, and use the findings from their intervention program to progress the study of brain-behaviour in Canada.

“The team at Watson Centre have been very excited about our connection with the Foundation/PMRI,” Mark Watson, Founder and Board Member of the Watson Centre Society for Brain Health, said. “For us it is always about finding opportunities to maximize impact and vision fulfillment. We look forward to continuing to work in parallel with the Foundation to continue to improve lives of those in our community.”

The program consists of four pillars: higher order cognitive function rehabilitation, aerobic exercise, mindfulness and integrated health.

To date, Watson has a 77% return to work rate – significantly higher than other programs that look at acute brain injury.

“I now have a reason for hope. I enrolled 8 months after my concussion. My symptoms included: lack of focus, headaches, irritability, fatigue and social interactions,” a current client said. “Sadly, I lost my job and my hope for the future. My protocols for my recovery prior to coming to Watson Centre were pain medication and rest. This strategy was not working for me. After 3 months in the program I have way less fatigue, vastly increased mental focus/clarity and improvements with social interactions. With these cognitive improvements I am focusing much less on what I have lost and more so on what I have gained. I have a reason for hope! Thank you Watson Centre for Brain Health.”

For PMRI, the program is an incredible example of what funding sports science and related programs can do to directly impact the lives of community members.

“The collaboration between PMRI and the Watson Centre is highly beneficial for people with brain injury who otherwise cannot access rehabilitation services,” Julie Schmidt, PMRI Board Director, said.

On August 8th, the Centre plans to celebrate the continued impact they make in the community. From a panel talk on mental health and concussion, ABI and TBI to short client testimonials and opportunities to meet clients, survivors and professionals in the field, the event is an opportunity to learn more about the groundbreaking work Watson Centre Society for Brain Health is doing. Hope to see you there.

To support this innovative, life changing program, contact Fortius Foundation Executive Director Andy Price at andy.price@fortiussport.com.

Hoping to attend the grand re-opening? Register here.