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Coaches Week Profile: Akriti Sharma
September 21, 2016

Coaches Preview - Akriti Sharma

Name: Akriti Sharma
Role at Fortius: Strength and Conditioning Coach
Programs coached at Fortius: SportSTRONG, BCCA Basketball
Sport(s) or specialization:  Basketball. As a coach- Various team Sports
Education/certification: Bsc. (Hons.) Sport and Exercise Science, Master of Kinesiology, CSCS
Hometown:  New Delhi
Number of years coaching: 5
Coaching style in one word: Adaptive
How did you get your start in coaching?
After tearing both my ACLs while playing basketball, I was drawn towards strength and conditioning and using it as a tool to reduce the risk of injury. In India, there is a dearth of professionals that are able to understand the demands of sport and prepare athletes to compete at high levels- this motivated me to pursue a degree in sport science and gain experience within strength and conditioning.

Tell us a bit about the program(s) you coach at Fortius:
I am currently involved with coaching in the SportSTRONG stream which is geared towards youth aged 10-16. The aim of the program is to improve athleticism and reduce the risk of injury in kids by introducing them to foundational movement patterns, sprinting and jumping technique, and developing strength, speed, agility, and endurance. This lays a good foundation for them as they compete at higher levels of sport when they are older or if they continue to be physically active in the recreational space.

How would your athletes describe your coaching style?
Hard but fair.

Share one of your most memorable moments as a coach:
The best times are when you know an athlete has absorbed what you have been trying to drill into their heads- specifically when one of the athletes in SportSTRONG was able to run a full warm-up and coach some exercise to the group.

What is a phrase or quote your athletes always hear you say:
Not exactly a quote, but one of the cues I probably use so often that I tire myself of it: Neutral Spine!

Fortius Sport & Health is celebrating National Coaches Week in partnership with the viaSport Regional Alliance by hosting discounted NCCP coaching courses. Sign up today at viasport.ca/coachesweek and stay tuned on social media @FortiusCentre for more great content.