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Coaches Week Profile: Jermaine John-Archer
September 20, 2016

Coaches Preview - Jermaine John-Archer

Name: Jermaine John-Archer
Role at Fortius: ArtisticSTRONG Lead, Strength & Conditioning Coach
Programs coached at Fortius: ArtisticSTRONG
Sport(s) background:  Artistic sports (dance, figure skating, ice dance, gymnastics, etc.)
Education/certification: B.Kin, CSEP-CEP
Hometown:  Toronto
Number of years coaching: 10+ years
Coaching style in one word:  Innovative

How did you get your start in coaching?
As the assistant director of the McMaster Urban Dance company under the direction of the McMaster Centre for Dance, my team implemented a strategy that redefined McMaster University’s dance program. We designed a feedback system that involved many different training methods and dance disciplines, creating well rounded dancers and athletes. After graduating, I continued my career as a dancer and coach while also working as an exercise physiologist for many recreational and professional dance schools, physiotherapy clinics, athletic training studios and private artistic & performance artists.

Tell us a bit about the program(s) you coach at Fortius:
ArtisticSTRONG complements sport-specific training within a purposeful platform designed for all artistic athletes, including dancers, figure skaters, ice dancers, gymnasts, synchronized sports (swimming, diving, skating, etc.), acrobatics, aerialist, circus and more. Artistic athletes learn foundational elements while addressing functional skill development, movement quality, strength, power, and stamina for performance and overall artistic athleticism. Our goal for the artistic athlete is longevity. We complement sport specific training along a developing athlete model to improve performance, prevent injuries and boost motivation through movement competency and confidence.

How would your athletes describe your coaching style?
I was once called an “Evil Backstreet Boy” – partly due to my boyish good looks and charm, followed by a dash of tyrannical demands for proper posture, breath and mindful intention during each rep…all done with a smile!

Share one of your most memorable moments as a coach:
In the summer of 2016 I had the privilege of travelling across Europe to coach at the international figure skating camps, iceDOME. Lead by world renowned figure skating coach Michael Huth, I was invited to lend my services as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, dancer, and Artistic Sports Performance Coach to a group of developing young athletes, world champions and Olympic superstars. With multiple perspectives on youth athlete development and figure skating, the on-ice experts and off-ice coaches integrated their specialties to apply basic on-ice drills to off-ice strength and conditioning, providing a great environment to enhance skills needed for optimal performance. Together we were able to provide an all-encompassing athlete experience for the development of young figure skaters.

What is a phrase or quote your athletes always hear you say:
I can be relatively crazy on most days, so my athletes never really know what ridiculousness may or may not be spoken at any given time during our session.

Fortius Sport & Health is celebrating National Coaches Week in partnership with the viaSport Regional Alliance by hosting discounted NCCP coaching courses. Sign up today at viasport.ca/coachesweek and stay tuned on social media @FortiusCentre for more great coaching profiles.