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Corporate Wellness
Empower a healthy and active corporate culture
October 7, 2016

Did you know the average person works over 90,000 hours in their lifetime?

For those of us working in an office environment, most of this time is spent inactive, sitting in front of a computer. You’ve likely heard the saying “sitting is the new smoking” because sitting for long periods of time can:

  • lower body metabolism,
  • increases the risk of obesity,
  • increase the risk of diabetes,
  • and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

This is just to name a few. Fostering a healthy and active work environment is critical to ensuring the long-term health and wellness of employees. So how do you counter this epidemic?

Getting regular exercise throughout the work week, during or after work hours can help reduce these health risks. Canadian physical activity guidelines for adults aged 18-64 is 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Approximately 22 minutes of moderate to intense activity per day helps reduce the risk of all of these health issues, in addition to reducing stress and fostering confidence.

Fortius offers a unique corporate wellness package that combines coordinated sport and activity challenges with education to inspire healthy competition and team building, reduce stress and empower employees with the tools they need to stay active. The packages are led by our integrated team of sport science and medical professionals passionate about improving the holistic health of every client.

We are currently offering three standard packages that include one or more team-building activities of your choice, a healthy catered meal and an educational seminar on health and wellness in the workplace.

In addition, we can build customized packages to fit the needs of your group. We offer corporate memberships for our Training Centre, and can customize a regular training plan to keep your employees active during or after work hours.

Building a sustainable level of activity during the work week is critical to long term health, both in and out of the office. Give your team the tools they need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Visit our Corporate Wellness page to learn more and to book your next corporate experience.