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Strength & Conditioning
Fortius 5-on-5: Core workouts
January 24, 2020 | by Fortius Strength & Conditioning

Five Fortius coaches. Five health and fitness questions. First up, core!

What’s one important thing to remember when doing core work?

Fortius Kile CookeKile Cooke: Think movement, not musculature – spinal flexion, side flexion, extension, and rotation, as well as various positions of bracing (ie. planks, paloff press) for the spine!



What’s your favoUrite stretch or release activity for the core?

Amanda Jones: Side bend and back bend stretches, or child’s pose.




What is your favourite core workout and why?

Dan Kenzie: ½ kneeling lifts & chops. There’s no cheating through the lower legs, it hits strength and stability with load transfer through the torso, and if you add enough weight it becomes very challenging.



What’s one myth you want to bust about core strength?

Akriti Sharma: Core strength is not just built by doing abdominal flexion exercises (i.e. sit-ups) or isolated isometric abdominal exercises (i.e. plank). Contrary to popular belief, the term “core” also refers to other trunk musculature such as the back extensors. Deadlifts are a great way to build core strength and stability.


Just for fun: How many sit-ups does it take to get six pack abs?

Tony Giannikouris: Since spot-reducing fat is a myth, overall body fat reduction is required to allow abs to shine through. As a major factor is overall calories burned, it’s math time!

One minute of sit-ups is estimated to burn roughly 5 calories (give or take depending on how vigorous the pace is). One pound of fat is approximately 3,500 calories, which works out to 700 minutes or 11.66 hours of sit-ups to burn (conveniently, the Lord of the Rings extended edition trilogy is 686 minutes). Skip the sit-ups. Skip rope instead.

Looking to get into a workout routine, or incorporate core into your current program? Book a consultation with one of our strength & conditioning coaches today.