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Health & Fitness Testing
Fortius Lab expands 3D Biomechanics services
September 28, 2017

Fortius Sport & Health is excited to announce the launch of new Applied Biomechanics offerings in the Fortius Lab.

Previously, Fortius Biomechanics services included three packages: 3DRun, 3DRun Prolonged and 3DWalk. The Fortius Lab is is expanding to offer new 3D analyses, additional services for runners and force plate tests.


Fortius running analyses are designed to identify mechanisms of an existing or potential running-related injury and help you optimize your running technique. These packages are ideal for recreational and competitive distance runners, triathletes, and those with overuse running injuries.

You can now choose from GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE packages, in addition to technique assessments, running programs and private strength & conditioning sessions with a running coach.


3DWalk analyses are designed for avid walkers with a wide variety of lower extremity injuries, particularity foot & ankle injuries and/or osteoarthritis.

This analysis is now also available in GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE packages.



The 3DCut Analysis is ideal for athletes in cutting and jumping sports (soccer, basketball, etc.) interested in injury prevention, optimizing performance and/or returning to sport following injury rehabilitation.

This is a brand new service that is now also available in GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE packages.



The Fortius Lab is also home to a portable dual force plate system used to conduct the following jump analyses:

  1. Kinetic impulse analysis: This analysis uses force-plate technology and kinetic impulses to assess asymmetries, movement and loading strategies between legs in various types of jumps (squat, countermovement and drop jump).
  2. Force-Velocity Profiling: Force-velocity profiling is a force-plate analysis that can provide strength and conditioning recommendations for an athlete in a sport that requires high levels of strength and/or speed.
  3. Dynamic Strength Index: This force-plate analysis can provide strength and conditioning recommendation for an athlete who’s sport requires high levels of strength/force (soccer, basketball, lacrosse, etc.), and/or explosive movements (football, rugby, skiing).


Did you know Fortius Institute clients receive up to 25% off Applied Biomechanics services? Talk to your Fortius practitioner to see if this is a right fit for you.

To learn more about these services, visit our Biomechanics page on the Fortius website. To talk to an Applied Biomechanist or to book your service today, call 604.292.2503 or email lab@fortiussport.com