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Home Workout Series
Home Workout Series #1: Overcoming Isometric
March 18, 2020 | by Fortius Sport & Health

During times like these, our physical and mental health is a top priority.

While our doors are temporarily closed to protect the health of our community, we asked our coaches to put together some of their favourite workouts to help you stay active at home. First up is a max strength workout with coach Matt Waddell.

Fortius clients and members – stay tuned! We are working hard to be able to provide you some additional remote coaching services soon.


By Strength & Conditioning Coach Matt Waddell

Isometrics are a great way to train for max strength. For someone that does not have access to the weights they need, here are two ‘Overcoming ISO’ workouts to keep you going while you are away from our facility, along with a great core exercise. Watch the video above for my full demonstration!

1. Isometric Towel Split Squat + Body weight Reps

  • ISO hold for three seconds – all out effort
  • Drop the towel and perform five body weight split squats
  • Keep the core turned on and the shoulder engaged
  • Repeat three times on the same leg before switching legs.
  • Complete three full sets, 3×3 per side

2. Isometric Towel Row + Body weight T’s

  • ISO hold for five seconds- all out effort
  • Be sure to keep the lower back in a neutral position with the core engaged
  • Drop the towel and perform five T’s
  • Arms should be straight, thumbs to sky and pinching the shoulder blades together at the end range position
  • 3×3 per side

3. Wall Dead Bugs

  • Hands against the wall, hips and knees are bent at 90 degree angles
  • Rib cage is pressed down and lower back is in contact with the floor- the goal is to maintain this position
  • Deep belly breathe (in through the nose and out through the mouth)
  • Take a deep breath in as the foot moves out, exhale through the mouth as the foot returns
  • Alternating legs each rep
  • 3×3 per side