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Home Workout Series
Home Workout Series #3: Mobility
March 27, 2020 | by Fortius Sport & Health

In time like these, physical and mental health are a top priority.

While our doors are temporarily closed to protect the health of our community, we asked our coaches to put together some of their favourite workouts to help you stay active at home. Did you miss workout #1 and #2? Scroll to the bottom of this page to check them out!


By Performance Rehabilitation Coach Katie Meredith

Great after you’ve been sitting watching Netflix for too long, and an excellent warm up before a workout, too! Read the instructions below and follow the video above.

1. Hip opener: 30-45 seconds each side – REPEAT 2x

  • In a high plank position, bring your foot forwards outside your hand into a low lunge position.
  • Be dynamic; sit into your hips and feel for a stretch through the muscles around the hip joint.

2. Spinal Segmental Roll-down – REPEAT 2x

  • Stand with your knees slightly softened.
  • Start by tucking chin to chest, then let your spine ‘roll’ down, one vertebra at a time. Keep knees soft.
  • Bring yourself back to standing in the same way; tuck pelvis under.

3. Overhead Dowel (broomstick) Squat – REPEAT 5X

  • Hold a broomstick over your head, feet in a slightly wider squat position.
  • Squat down, aiming to keep back straight and the dowel about your head.