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Sports Nutrition
Hydration for the summer
June 10, 2016 | by Fortius Sport & Health

Exercising in the summer alongside rising temperatures can increase the amount of fluids you need.

The body works to cool itself down by regulating its core temperature through sweating. There are many factors regarding a person’s sweat loss – including genetics, exercise type and intensity, clothing worn, etc. A mismatch between sweating and replacing your fluids can lead to dehydration which can affect your performance, concentration, and perception of exercise difficulty. By starting early and having a small amount frequently, can help with tolerance and adequate hydration.

A little science: most athletes only replace 30-70% of their losses. What can help increase intake? Research has shown that temperature (10-15 degrees), taste and availability, all impact the amount an athlete drank.

Hydration suggestions:

  • Make sure to start your exercise fully hydrated. Have a drink with each meal and snack
  • In the 30mins leading into training, have 1-2 cups of water to top you off
  • Every 15-20min, have 3-4 gulps of fluids to help stay on top of your sweat losses
  • During the heat, have cool flavoured (lemon/lime slice or diluted juice) fluids, and keep it within arm’s reach to increase fluid intake
  • Rehydrate after exercise with 1-2 cups of fluids

Tip: Curious how much you lost during your workout? Take your pre workout weight and minus post workout weight. The difference will be the loss of fluids. For example: 64kg (pre workout) – 63kg (post workout) = 1kg lost or 1L of fluids lost.

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