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Sports Medicine
New online injury resource promotes active, safe sport
May 25, 2018

Keeping children active in sports and other recreational physical activities is one key to achieving a healthy lifestyle throughout adulthood.

Unfortunately, many children drop out of sports by the time they reach high school. One of the contributors to this drop-out is both injuries related to these sports and also perceptions about injuries.

The BC Injury Prevention Unit is based out of BC Children’s Hospital and was tasked last year to produce a central resource for active youth, their parents, and coaches about injuries related to a variety of sports.

Together with a team of experts from BC and Alberta, including Fortius Pediatric Sports Medicine specialist, Dr. Tommy Gerschman, they have put together the Active & Safe Central online resource.

This Active and Safe Central website provides evidence regarding common injury patterns and risk factors seen in 50 different sports and activities. Primarily geared towards children and youth, it can also be useful for adults who might also be involved with these sports.

The website is based on current and available research. It also provides resources and links for available injury prevention strategies for these sports.

These resources are available directly for youth and their parents, teachers, coaches, athletic trainers, and also healthcare providers. It provides a centralized repository for anyone interested in learning about injuries associated with these sports and available strategies to reduce the risk of injury.

At Fortius Sport & Health, our team will have quick access to this for creating our own integrated and collaborative programs and will be able to share this resource with the athletes we work with.