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BACK in the Game, SportSTRONG, Youth Strength & Conditioning
New ultrasound boosts youth recovery
April 28, 2017

Through the support of our generous donors, the Fortius Foundation has recently purchased a new generation ultrasound system which is being used for the BACK in the Game program, as well as other sport science and medicine services.

Photo: BACK in the Game instructor Dani Langford uses new ultrasound machine for an assessment.

BACK in the Game is an eight-week, small group program for youth aged 11-17 who are experiencing back pain. The ultrasound helps instructors Kobi Jack and Dani Langford to assess the muscles and tendons related to back pain, as well as educate the youth on the steps needed to get active again in their daily lives, and in sport.

When assessing back health, one of the most important components is core strength. This new tool helps evaluate the health of deep abdominal muscles (especially the pelvic floor, transverse abdominals and multifidus) and how they are being recruited.

“We use it to determine stability when muscles are being contracted,” shared Langford. “It allows us to check if internal communication is happening between different areas of the core so we can ensure we are focusing on the right things in recovery.”

The machine also doubles as a great learning and education tool for the youth.

“Sometimes, some of the things that we talk about can seem a bit abstract for the participants,” said Jack. “Actually seeing their muscles and the contractions on the ultrasound allows them to better understand what we’re describing.”


The new generation ultrasound machine comes with a number of added benefits.

Compared to older versions, this machine is more compact, portable and versatile, allowing it to be used on clients in different areas of the facility. It also has a clearer, sharper image and touch-screen interface making it easier to identify internal structures.

The new tool can also be connected to video screens to enlarge the image—taking “seeing is believing” to a whole new level.


Ultrasound imaging is the use of high frequency sound waves to capture images inside the body.

It is a safe, non-invasive tool that allows practitioners an up-close look at muscles, blood flow, tendons, nerves and organs to identify areas that are not functioning optimally (as well as those that are).

In addition to back health, the new ultrasound is used by other Fortius practitioners to visualize muscles and tendons, nerve impingements and for ultrasound-guided injections.

“Access to state-of-the-art technology, like this new generation ultrasound, allows us to continue to provide excellence in comprehensive assessments and treatments,” said Dr. Tommy Gershman, Director of Sport Medicine at Fortius. “Thank you to the generous donors who made the purchase of this equipment possible.”


With your support, the Fortius Foundation helps subsidize the cost of the BACK in the Game program, including the cost of the ultrasound services.

“We believe every young athlete should be able to benefit from the unique integrated approach Fortius offers,” said Andy Price, the Fortius Foundation’s Executive Director. “The Foundation is pleased to support the purchase of an ultrasound machine to help aspiring youth athletes return to activity and sport.”

Would you like to help? Contact Andy at andy.price@fortiussport.com, or donate online!