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Please wear a mask | Protecting the health of our community
August 28, 2020 | by Fortius Sport & Health

At Fortius, our mission is to optimize athlete health and performance, for life. As we continue to champion this mission, protecting the health of our clients, patrons and team members is now more important than ever. Starting September 4, 2020 we are requesting and recommending that all of our clients and patrons wear a mask upon entering the Fortius Sport & Health facility.

This request does not replace the current mask-wearing policies for our clinic and lab. Our goal is only to enhance the safety for all visitors while walking through our Atrium and common spaces.

Here is how this will look for our different facility areas:

CLINIC & LAB CLIENTS: Wear your own mask when entering the building, and replace it with the new medical grade mask provided upon check-in. As sports therapy and medicine appointments are primarily hands-on, and physical distancing cannot be maintained, we provide a brand new, clean mask at no charge to every client, at every appointment, to protect the health and safety of our practitioner team.

FITNESS & PEFORMANCE CENTRE CLIENTS: Wear your own mask when entering the building and waiting for access to your training block or coach. Remove your mask for training and put it back on when exiting the facility.

GYM & PITCH USERS: Wear your own mask when entering/exiting the building through the Atrium, when using the Fortius washrooms, or visiting a retail store.

RETAIL PATRONS: Wear your own mask when entering/exiting the building to visit Starbucks or FitFirst Footwear. Remove your mask to enjoy your beverage or drink, and put it back on to exit the building.

You will also see all Fortius team members wearing a mask when in our public spaces, when outside of protective barriers, or when working directly with clients or patrons.

Together, we can protect the health of each other and our community. Thank you for your support while we continue to work hard to ensure Fortius and our community is a safe place for everyone.