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Community, KidsMove
KidsMove partner profile: The Steve Nash Foundation
January 24, 2020 | by Fortius Sport & Health

Over the last four years, KidsMove has grown so much it’s hard to miss when you visit Fortius Sport & Health. It’s energetic, it’s fun and it’s loud!

Three days a week, 50 Burnaby elementary school students arrive on school buses, slip into their running shoes, and spend their afternoon in the Fortius Gymnasium learning new skills through sports and activities designed to enhance their confidence and competence to move and be active.

KidsMove first ran as a nine session pilot in 2016. In 2019, it provided 90 sessions for local students, funded by donors and provided at no cost to Burnaby schools. More than 1,000 kids have completed the 10 week school program to date. It aims to expand again this year.

KidsMove is supported by an organization that continues to play an essential part in the program’s growth four years later: the Steve Nash Foundation.

“Teaching someone to improve themselves is what life is about,” Steve Nash said when KidsMove began. “These kids are going to gain from this no matter how they come into the program. They are going to learn life skills.”

The Steve Nash Foundation provided the seed funding for the KidsMove program, and has continued to support it over the past five years. Funding from the Steve Nash Foundation now includes support for research, and the education of teachers and coaches to deliver high quality, inclusive physical education in schools and beyond through Pro Motion Research Institute, a charity focused on sport science research and education.

“We look at sport beyond its sheer athletic value. The team-building, self-awareness, grit, problem-solving, interpersonal relationship development and social IQ that sport integrates in helping athletes achieve their individual and team goals are the same values, skills, and assets that build communities,” Steve Nash Foundation Executive Director Jenny Miller said.

Supporting innovative research, and helping put that research into practice to improve health in kids, is a key approach for the Steve Nash Foundation. They work with dads and babies through the Starting Five and Let’s Talk Dads programs.

Starting Five is developing understanding of the science of child development and how dads can help foster brain development in their kids. Let’s Talk Dads brings that science to dads in the community, providing weekly, small group classes in infant and toddler neurodevelopment.

The Steve Nash Foundation is dedicated to assisting underserved children in their health, personal development and enjoyment of life, with a focus on early childhood development and health. KidsMove is just one of several initiatives the Steve Nash Foundation supports in BC and beyond. The Foundation has granted more than $1 million to programs in British Columbia alone, as well as creating and supporting programs in the US and abroad.

The Steve Nash Foundation also hosts its own fundraising events. This includes the Steve Nash Charity Shield, a co-ed, adult-only soccer tournament held in New York City and Los Angeles. Players have a chance to get on the pitch with Steve and friends, or even buy their own team. The next one takes place in New York on April 25th and 26th this year.

All help towards the Foundation’s idea that is, as stated on their website, “Bringing research and attending critical needs resources to bear on the most vulnerable of our populations will change trajectories, change outcomes, and change the world.”

“Steve and Jenny have challenged us to create the best possible health outcomes for kids in our community, and have supported us to make our shared vision a reality. We are so grateful for all they do for us, and for kids everywhere,” Fortius Foundation Executive Director Andy Price said.

Looking to learn more about Steve Nash Foundation? Visit their website today.