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Analysis, Health & Fitness Testing, Performance Testing, VO2max
The benefits of VO2 MAX for cyclists
October 26, 2018 | by Fortius Sport & Health

Meet Andy and Olivia.

Andy is a recreational cyclist with the goal of improving his climbing.

Olivia is a competitive cyclist looking to decrease her Gran Fondo time by 10-15 minutes next year.

In this short video, we’ve invited Andy and Olivia into our lab to meet with Joanie Caron (professional cyclist and exercise physiologist) and the Fortius exercise physiology team for a VO2 MAX test.

Watch the video to see how we use their data to create a customized training plan to target each of their goals.


Interested in a VO2 MAX but not sure how to apply the data? Like Andy and Olivia, we offer a complementary 30-minute follow up with a professional cyclist to go over your data and create an individualized training plan for you.

Not sure if VO2 MAX is right for you? Book a free consultation with Joanie to talk about your cycling goals, and learn more about how the team at Fortius can support you.