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LifelongSTRONG, Pilates Mat Classes, Small Group Training
Three benefits of group training
August 25, 2017 | by Jerrad Guenther

Group training or group fitness classes have been increasing in popularity over the past decade for good reason. Whether it’s a small group training class based around developing foundational strength or a high intensity Bootcamp, gym-goers have many reasons to implement group classes into their weekly routine.

This by no means is an exhaustive list of the benefits of group training, but rather a chance to highlight some perks of group fitness classes that often fly under the radar


Arguably one of the most important aspects of training is motivation—not only to show up, but to perform your workout to your best ability.

Working out gets a lot easier when you aren’t relying on that little voice in your head that would rather stay home and watch Netflix. Working out alongside friends, coworkers and peers means you have a team of people motivating you to finish that extra rep. Chances are, you will soon find yourself returning the favour.

You also have your coach who is just as committed as you are to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. They are there for the full ride, sharing motivational cues and advice to support you in achieving success.



Following motivation is accountability.

When you are working out solo, the only person you have to be accountable to is yourself. While you may feel guilty for missing that workout, you don’t really feel THAT bad.

In a group setting you have to hold yourself accountable to your coach, your peers and to your goals and progress. Your group and your coach are counting on you to show up and to participate.

Often times, group classes also work on a progression schedule. Each week the exercises get harder and more challenging to match the growth of the participants. Miss a class and you’ll find yourself back tracking in your progress and your fitness goals.


3. FUN

Finally, having fun with your workouts can make a significant difference in the results you want, and in keeping you coming back for more.

There is nothing worse than forcing yourself through a boring, monotonous workout routine. Most group classes have a coach that brings energy, excitement and variety to the workout. There are many different ways to challenge a muscle group, and there is no doubt you will learn a few.

As you get more comfortable with your peers, you also have someone to laugh with when you mix up that new move and to high five when you finally get it. When you’re having fun, the tasks ahead all of a sudden don’t seem so daunting.



Fortius offers a growing number of group classes for many different types of health and fitness goals. Some of our programs this fall include:

  1. Small Group Training
    Get the attention of private coaching in a small, motivating group environment (3-6 adults). Set personal goals and choose your training frequency.
  2. Bootcamp
    Increase your strength, boost your aerobic capacity, improve your flexibility, lose weight and break through plateaus with our large group bootcamp conditioning classes.
  3. Healthy Heart
    This coach-supervised group program runs twice a week for one hour and focuses on low-impact cardiovascular training, resistance training, balance, core stability and flexibility training.
  4. Pilates Mat Classes
    Complement your training with Pilates group classes to improve your core strength, spinal stability, flexibility and balance

We also offer a series of youth and sport-specific group training classes. Fall programs start the second week of September. Visit our FALL PROGRAM GUIDE for the full lineup of offerings or call 604.292.2502 to book today!