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Top 5 highlights from the World Taekwondo Junior Championships
November 21, 2016

From November 16 to 20, the City of Burnaby hosted over 800 Taekwondo athletes from more than 100 nations for the 2016 World Taekwondo Junior Championships.

As the official host venue for accreditation, weigh-ins and training, Fortius welcomed athletes, coaches, volunteers and spectators from all over the world. Looking back over 10 days of preparation and competition, we’ve put together a quick recap of our top five favourite moments:

1. Day 1 – the whole world’s mixing


With over 100 nations of athletes all training at Fortius, we were switching from “Bonjour” to “Hola” to “Ciao” to just plain “Hello”. As we welcomed each new team, our facility became a melting pot of languages, cultures and national flags. Our Lodge specifically, was host to athletes and coaches from all over Canada, as well as from Japan, Australia, Mongolia and Albania. We quickly learned the culture of Taekwondo as one of respect and discipline, and this was evident in how the athletes treated one another. A testament to the power of sport in bringing communities together.

2. Weigh-in or weigh-out


The tension was palpable as hundreds of athletes of all different nations lined up to wait for their moment on the scale. Part of the uniqueness of Fortius is our ability to host a wide array of sporting events, which means we get to learn all the rules, practices and traditions that come with them. In the case of taekwondo, we saw the intense preparation athletes underwent in the weeks leading up to weigh-in day. As one of the most important deciding factors in your eligibility to compete on the mat, we felt nervous along with them!

3. Standing united


The day before competition, we were proud to host local and international dignitaries at Fortius for the official media launch event. The audience was humbled by inspiring words from Burnaby’s Mayor Derek Corrigan and World Taekwondo Federation President Chungwon Choue. They were followed by Honourable Amrik Virk, Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services and Burnaby North MLA Richard T. Lee with the announcement of $95,000 in event funding from the Province of BC. Once again—an incredible display of the power of sport in uniting leaders from provincial to international levels.

4. Go Canada Go, Go Erik Go!


Our very own Fortius Chiropractor, Dr. Erik Yuill (as seen on the right) joined the action as part of Team Canada’s medical staff. As a member of the team, Dr.Yuill was in charge of treating the Canadian athletes both before, during and after their competition.

“Having the 2016 World Taekwondo Junior Championships both here in Burnaby and at Fortius has been fantastic,” said Dr.Yuill. “It’s been great to see Team Canada being supported by the locals. For Fortius to have had such a high caliber of athletes coming through the Institute [Medical Services] and for us to be able to host them and show them what we have to offer has been a great opportunity. Definitely a highlight of the year.”

5. Lights, camera, fight


Since the Fortius team became so well-versed in Taekwondo over the course of the week, it was only fitting that we hopped across the street to Bill Copeland Sport Centre (where the tournament was being held) to support both Team Canada and all the teams that we got to know over the course of the week. The familiar scene of a local ice hockey rink was nowhere to be seen with the entire surface converted to foam mats, TV screens, spotlights and national flags. Cheering crowds flooded the rafters to support their respective teams while the athletes showcased their talent under the spotlight.

In our short three year history, we are proud to have hosted a multitude of different sporting events–taking away valuable learning with each new sport.  The Taekwondo World Junior Championships was an amazing showcase for Fortius and the City of Burnaby. To learn more about Fortius Sport & Health and how to host your next event with us, visit our website at www.fortiusport.com