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Chiropractic, Sports Therapy
Why on earth should I see a chiropractor?
January 26, 2018 | by Duriell Bernard

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of speaking to a gentleman, dressed in off-road cycling gear, at a local Starbucks. We were both standing in line, patiently waiting for our favourite brew, when I couldn’t help but overhear him grumble under his breath “What’s taking so long? My knee is killing me!”.

Being in the health field, I was itching to learn more about his story. He told me that he had been having bad knee pain with prolonged sitting and standing, and it has been greatly affecting his ability to cycle.

“I’ve tried everything under the sun young man! You name it and I’ve done it. Believe me!,” he said with a hopeless smile. “Well, have you seen a chiropractor for your knee pain?,” I asked.

With his eyebrows raised he looked at me and said “Now why on earth would I see a chiropractor? I don’t have any spine pain and my neck and back are fine. I’m also scared of getting my bones crunched. What does my spine have to do with my knee anyways?”.

This isn’t the first or the last time I will hear this statement. To answer his question, here are three ways chiropractors can play a part in your injury rehabilitation and overall health and well being.


Chiropractors in Canada (and at Fortius) are evidence-informed, patient-centered musculoskeletal (MSK) experts. MSK is the interaction between the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems. In other words, we do more than manipulate bones.

Chiropractors utilize a wide variety of different treatments, including, but not limited to:

  • Spinal manipulation
  • Active Release Techniques (a series of massage techniques)
  • Graston Technique (a type of instrument-assisted massage therapy)
  • Fascial stretching (manipulating the tissues that surround our muscles
  • Exercise, stretching and active rehabilitative therapy

A combination of these treatments can support decreased pain and stiffness, increase range of motion (flexibility), movement efficiency, body and movement awareness, and improve joint and tissue mechanics.


Chiropractors in Canada see over 4 million people per year and help individuals dealing with a wide variety of conditions. While it is well documented that chiropractic care is beneficial for acute low back and neck pain, we also treat individuals suffering from chronic pain and injuries related to other parts of the body.

This includes muscle strains, shoulder rotator cuff injuries, hip pain, running-related injuries and yes…knee pain of various causes. Even pre and post-surgical patients have seen great benefits from chiropractic care for their rehabilitation.


Chiropractors at Fortius (and many others) are not just pain-focused. They take a holistic three-tiered approach to assessing the issues: 1) Biological, 2) Psychological and 3) Social.

Take the gentlemen from Starbucks, for example.

  1. The biological component would be knee pain from a possible joint inflammation.
  2. The psychological & behavioural component could be his coping mechanisms, how pain effects his mood towards cycling and his diet and exercise habits.
  3. And, his circle of family and friends, therapy support, education and occupation address the sociological component

Fortius chiropractors take all of this into consideration to help identify which areas play the greatest role in the recovery and rehabilitation from injury.


Fortius chiropractors are focused on helping athletes and active individuals reach their health, fitness and performance goals. Our chiropractic sessions are a bit longer than what people are typically used to, allowing for thorough and comprehensive assessments, diagnoses and treatment. Therapy is always patient-centred and tailored to individual needs.

We also integrate our treatment with 15 different sport science and medicine disciplines at Fortius, including sport medicine physicians, physiotherapists, strength & conditioning coaches, dietitians, and others.

As for the gentlemen from Starbucks? Well, he’s now a patient and cycling pain free. Not only is he seeing Fortius chiropractors for osteoarthritis of his hip (which triggered his knee pain), he is also utilizing Massage Therapy, our underwater hydrotherapy treadmill and Clinical Pilates.

If you are currently experiencing acute or chronic pain, discomfort, lack of mobility and stiffness, and have asked yourself in the past “why on earth should I see a chiropractor?”, I hope this article has given you some insight to what chiropractic care really is.

Visit our website to learn more about Chiropractic care at Fortius, or call 604.292.2501 to book today!


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