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ArtisticSTRONG compliments the demands of artistic sport to improve performance, prevent injuries and boost motivation.

Our goal is longevity. Athletes will learn foundational elements while addressing functional skill development, movement quality, strength, power, and stamina for performance and overall athleticism.

The program is designed for artistic athletes, including dancers, figure skaters, ice dancers, gymnasts, synchronized sports (swimming, diving, skating, etc.), acrobatics, aerialist, circus and more.

ArtisticSTRONG is a small group program, but can be customized for individual athletes, as well as large group private clubs. 


  • Movement screen to identify limitations and facilitate performance
  • Pre and post-phase performance testing 
  • Convenient and flexible session times
  • Strength, power, and muscular endurance training
  • Development of body and spatial awareness skills
  • Supplemental education in mindfulness, goal-setting, and the management of training loads in artistic sports
  • Recovery services for the optimal preparation for your season