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Small Group Training

A motivating group environment with the attention of private coaching.

Small Group T​raining (SGT) is a 12-week strength & conditioning program that provides you with the opportunity to set personal goals, choose your training frequency and challenge your health and fitness.

With a motivating small group environment (3-6 adults), coaches provide individualized support to each participant, with the focus on building whole-body strength, cardiovascular endurance, movement efficiency, flexibility and more.

Choose to train one to five times per week​!


  • Complimentary consult to determine your health objectives and build the right weekly schedule to achieve your goal
  • Individualized coaching in a motivating small group environment
  • Progress testing opportunities throughout the cycle
  • Online communication strategies and resources to connect goals with actions​


Looking for a higher-intensity work out? In SGT advanced classes, you will learn and implement movements designed to further challenge your athleticism and muscular strength—getting you out of your typical strength and conditioning routine.

Look for the small group training classes marked “advanced” on our program schedule. Note: Advanced classes cannot be booked online.