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Mental Performance

Developing mental and emotional skills for improved sport performance.

We know sport performance is not based on physical ability alone.

Fortius Mental Performance Consultants have a performance psychology background with acquired specialist knowledge to help athletes develop and enhance their mental game.


We help athletes develop and manage the skills they need to perform at their best in high-stress environments like tryouts, auditions, combines and competition. This includes teaching performance enhancing tools (positive self-talk, imagery, breathing, mindfulness, attention, etc.), building confidence and focus, and learning to regulate emotions to perform under pressure.


We teach athletes to excel within the demands of their daily training loads to promote productive growth and development. This includes scheduling and time management, mental preparation, managing stress, knowing the signs of burnout, and improving communication skills. We also facilitate relaxation techniques for recovery and regeneration.


Coming back from injury is just as much a mental challenge, as it is a physical one. We help athletes manage their recovery loads, and the stress that comes with being away from the playing field. We believe recovery from injury provides opportunity to develop in other ways, such as building more efficient habits of mind and enhancing strategies for optimizing performance. We also work on building confidence and motivation for return to play.


Whether it’s moving to a higher level of competition, or away from one, we help athletes manage these important transitions and prepare for the next stage ahead.


At Fortius, we believe in an integrated approach to client care. Our mental performance team operates in collaboration with our multi-disciplinary practitioner team, to ensure you are receiving the best rehabilitation and customized training plan to reach your health, fitness or performance goals.