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Performance Rehabilitation Coaching

Facilitating the transition between rehabilitation and return to sport treatment.


Performance Rehabilitation Coaches (PRCs) are practitioners with a strength and conditioning background who have acquired specialist knowledge and expertise in working with sports injuries. The PRCs work collaboratively with our therapists to support a safe and seamless transition from injury back to sport and activity.

PRC sessions are typically built into a comprehensive treatment plan with a Fortius therapist, to progress the pathway from whole-body strength and fitness through to sport-specific training and return to sport.


  • Educate clients on their personal rehabilitation pathway;
  • Address and improve the whole body strength and fitness;
  • Address injury risk factors;
  • Use objective measures to progress their clients through rehabilitation pathways;
  • Exit the client from the rehabilitation pathway into their sport specific and performance training environment;


At Fortius, we believe in an integrated approach to client care. Our PRC practitioners operate in collaboration with our multi-disciplinary practitioner team, to ensure you are receiving the best rehabilitation and customized training to reach your health, fitness or performance goals.