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Sports Nutrition

Maximizing potential by improving nutrition.

Our dietitians provide a wide variety of nutrition education and support for active individuals to professional athletes.

Services range from daily nutrition, to injury prevention and healing, to sport-specific fueling and hydration strategies to meet the demands of training and competition.

We also offer custom services for teams and groups, including group assessments and a wide range of seminars and workshops on sport and corporate nutrition. Contact us with your team needs so we can customize a package right for you.


In your initial 60min nutrition assessment, we will cover the following:

  • Nutrition assessment to include your goals, medical history, anthropometrics, lab work, review of supplement usage, and food intake.
  • Nutrition counselling to discuss nutrition strategies that work best for you and your health.
  • A nutrition plan, which can range from providing meal and snack ideas/timing/type of nutrients, to supplements (if appropriate).
  • Summary of recommendations, with the nutrition plan discussed emailed to you within 1-2 business days.


At Fortius, we believe in an integrated approach to client care. Our sport dietitian team operates in collaboration with our multi-disciplinary practitioner team, to ensure you are receiving the best rehabilitation and customized training plan to reach your health, fitness or performance goals.