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Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Restoring pelvic floor and core health for athletes and active individuals.

Do you leak urine when running, jumping, or lifting heavy weights? Leaking during exercise, sport and maximal exertion is common in athletes – but not normal – and indicates that the body is not optimizing its performance during a given task.

Pelvic floor dysfunction impacts athletes and active individuals of all ages and levels. At Fortius we focus on determining the underlying problems/mechanisms causing the symptoms/dysfunction and develop an individualized treatment program to improve pelvic floor and core function. We aim to keep you active with the goal of optimizing performance and getting you back to the sports and activities you love.


It’s more than Kegels. At Fortius, we use real-time ultrasound and internal examinations in the assessment and treatment of a range of pelvic floor dysfunctions. Our pelvic health physiotherapists are also trained in Clinical Pilates, incorporating Pilates principles and evidence-based practice for an individualized, whole-body, sport-specific treatment approach.